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stm2007 2011-9-8 12:21 AM

Panerai Q&A (10/10 update #26)

以下大部份節錄自舊post,之後會繼續update (if necessary).

Q1) BT = ?
A1) BT = Boutiques = 專門店

Q2) AD = ?
A2) AD = Authorized Dealers = 授權經銷商

Q3) 邊度可以搵到 AD & BT 地址?
A3) 上 panerai web site

Q4) PAM隻隻差唔多,想搵一隻有 xx / yy / zz
A4) [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/viewthread.php?tid=12359308&extra=&page=1]http://www.discuss.com.hk/viewthread.php?tid=12359308&extra=&page=1[/url]

Q5) PAMxxx 幾錢?
A5) [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/viewthread.php?tid=9562156&extra=page%3D1]http://www.discuss.com.hk/viewthread.php?tid=9562156&extra=page%3D1[/url]

Q6) 各位ching 有冇人可以係BT 買錶有折呀??
for sure no discount but you may try to get extra strap from them (depends on model). You can also trade-in the strap for something you like ie from calf to aligator

Q7) GTG = ?
A7) GTG = Get Together

Q8) TGIF = ?
A8) TGIF = Thank God It's Friday

Q9) Budget around $40000, any suggestions
A9) 其實除左 000, 005, 111, 380 以外, 我自己就入左 112 同 210. 不妨可以試一下實物再決定. 不過 112, 210 剛剛多過 40k 少少... 師兄不妨參考一下.

Q10) 人生第一隻幾萬左右的錶 你們會選panerai定是rolex?比些意見

It also depends why you're buying a watch.  First job? First child?
Just between the 2 brands, it's too difficult to choose only ONE.  If I had to, I guess I would choose a rolex sub...suits more occasions than a pam does.  But I just love the pam look so I'm biased.
It'd be easier if you choose 2 models and asked us!

Q11) 各位師兄,請問行錶和水錶分別?保養和上行驗證有分別嗎?對不起,因為是新手,希望各位賜教?謝謝!
A11) Panerai carry int'l warranty.  So, there is not much difference between hong or water goods.

Q12) 上行驗證的手續也一樣嗎?
Authenticatiom costs $4.5k and takes a few weeks. Pam is different to Rolex in this regards, very bad for 2nd hand market.

Q13) 當護橋鎖上時,你地既pam是否仍可上鏈(manual-winding)?
Also called BT tonight and they said it's normal to manual-wind after locking...
The staff also mentioned that not to wind in the locked position cos it may damage(tear off) the lock~

Q14) 皮帶濕唔濕得咖?
A14) 95% of straps out there cannot be wet.  Some are more resistant than others but I would not risk it.  There are ways to recondition/restore your strap as time goes along (same as getting it went due to humidity etc) but it all includes oiling the straps and thus a darker strap.  
Wet it at your own risk.

Q15) 經常校日期╱時間會吾會好易壞?
A15) If it's ETA with a date (and "jumping" date), then it's usually advised not to change date/time when it's between 9 and 3 o'clock.

If it's in-house movement (and "slow" moving date) then it's fine - the best way to test it is to change the time and observe how the date changes. If the date moves forward as you move from say 10pm to 2am but can also move backwards when you change the time back from 2am to 10pm then it means you can change the date of the watch anytime without thinking about the "9 to 3 o'clock" rule.

Q16) 今日經過槍街,見有間二手鋪有隻111,...........但細心睇睇下發現錶面係十點到+一點位有一好細,好整齊嘅空隙, 又吾似花痕........請問各位條空隙係咪正常, 正抑或呢隻係剌貨??
A16) 係用來開玻璃面冚!

Q17) 各師兄,想問問買錶時, 全set其實包括啲物野??
A17)  我都係新手,以312為例,包:

Q18) 有師兄話得保養書!冇保養証
A18) 唔同model會唔同,in house movement 係一本書咁。

Q19) 想請問pam點樣睇隻錶咩年份嫁
A19) should be the alphabet in xxxx/mxxxx.
A=98 B=99 C=2000...........M=2010 N=2011

Q20) 關於COSC 天文台認證書
尋晚係度睇番隻pam90, 發現本說明書入面有一張天文台認證書, 但係再睇番隻pam312 and 321, 都搵唔到個張cert...
chings, 請問是否正常 for 自家錶鈊, 定係間ad 攞漏左?? pls help!!!!

A20) 自家機芯.. 同埋冇秒針的款都冇 cosc

Q21) Discount from AD
Assume I do not know the sales in the AD before, usually how much % discount can I get for buying a PAM? 5% off? Can I get sth like 10% off?


Q22) 我想問用自動錶盒係咪對隻錶唔好KA??
係咪會磁化???please help!!

bcos the rotor got motor (= magnet) inside, it would have chance to magnetize the watch
so, dun buy a cheap one, buy a high quality one or dun buy!!!
如果你諗住買深水po果d來放Pam, 我答你一定會!  
因為pam 唔係抗磁遊絲用果d 爛鬼錶盒一定會受磁

Q23) 上鏈問題
小弟隻錶停左之後開始幫佢上鏈, 但上左20下左右再上個龍頭會有小小回轉, 跟住我再上多10多下就吾敢再上, 因怕會上斷, 我加埋上左30下左右, 隻錶就行到20個鐘, 請問回轉問題是否正常? 一般點為之上滿鏈, 是否要上到擰吾到為止??

要上到真係頂住不能再上為止, 我開始玩時都係回轉唔敢再上, 但用得一日左右, 放膽d慢慢上, 上到頂住個下一定feel 到
我有兩個friends都係005 ,情況和你一樣 ,後來都是證實虛驚一場。其實Pam的手動上鍊毋須咁驚上爆鍊,根本除咗過份暴力;粗糙的上盡佢Pam是有防止爆鍊的設計的,我個friend就競錫錫的上,所以行得+零個鐘冇鍊.....原來是虛驚 !
其實上鍊錶唔係下下上到盡架, 咁做龍頭會耗損架。
應該完全停止狀態下上滿一次鍊, 其間數住上幾多把先滿。
然後睇下行到幾耐, 然後除返要上幾多把先可以行到一日, 之後每日都以呢個數同佢上鍊。
假如上60把可以行3日。咁就每日上20把夠行一日 / 上40把行2日

Q24) 隻錶xxx花左,點算?
A24) Some replies as below:

Q: 吾小心跣手整左條螺絲批痕落表耳度,各位大師兄有冇辦法補救?
A: Live with it for now, "collect" more scratches over the next two years, and get rid all of them together when you bring the watch for an overhaul service enjoy the watch now and let it be, if you baby it like crazy it can get tiresome as all watches get scratched eventually.

Q: 我換錶帶的時候貪快整花左皮帶扣䘏請問各位大佬邊度有得買和幾錢?
A: 戴得出街就一定會花,追求完美無暇就只有封膠紙,放入保險箱。

Q: Ching, 請問我的005護橋花左,需要換嗎?有冇方法可以打磨?thanks!
A: Ching, live with it la. as far as i remeber a simple polish would cost u around 700 in service center.......but not sure whether a simple polish will do, a polish would make the edge less sharp.

如果真係忍受唔到,For hairlines on [b]POLISHED[/b] surface, try CAPE COD: [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/viewthread.php?tid=14395615&extra=page%3D45&page=1][color=#000000]http://www.discuss.com.hk/viewthread.php?tid=14395615&extra=page%3D45&page=1[/color][/url]

如全錶打磨$2500-3000 服務費另計 , 如換錶圈(005計)3千幾4千到

Q25) 什麼是"pig"? 請賜教!
A25) Human torpedo

人類魚雷或載人魚雷型潛艇的rideable 二戰秘密海軍武器使用

第一個人類魚雷電(意大利Maiale)的推動下,兩名船員潛水服 ,騎著。 他們帶領敵艦的魚雷速度慢。 可分離彈頭 ,然後作為一個戚礦 。 然後,他們乘坐的魚雷而去。

在操作中,Maiale魚雷進行另一個容器(通常是一個正常的潛艇),和附近的目標發射的。 大多數載人魚雷行動是在夜間 ,以減少被發現的風險。


意大利的官方名稱是Siluro一個Lenta的Corsa(SLC或“運行慢的魚雷”),意大利運營商綽號 maiale(意大利文譯作“豬”; 複數 maiali)

所以 human torpedo 花名叫做豬.

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