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dwc319 2012-8-10 07:21 AM

[GO] PML: recently purchased

Recently purchased the 2012 panomatic lunar, from a very helpful salesperson in Central. My second GO, I like it :loveliness:


My wrists are small, 6.5 inches. So 40mm is the largest I can handle, but this thing is thick and rises above the wrist a little so it's a bit more manageable. Seen at a distance, it appears quite nice actually.

My Christmas dilemma will be a tough choice between ALS Saxonia Auto/1815 or VC Patrimony Traditionelle manual. Any suggestions/ comments?

socialwong 2012-8-10 09:09 AM

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Congrats for getting the 2012 latest PML, your second GO! Very pretty indeed. Which  GO is your first?:loveliness:

Thanks for chance for showing mine.:smile_40:

I prefer 1815 than VC mentioned except for 1955 ultra thin.


wlso 2012-8-10 10:51 AM

Two generation of PML have different feel bor, the old version seems have a better dial layout. The new one with more spacing. Hard to choose.
But both were very nice, I want to get the XL year ago but not approved by CFO:smile_o03:

horology 2012-8-10 11:22 AM

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My Christmas dilemma will be a tough choice between ALS Saxonia Auto/1815 or VC Patrimony Traditionelle manual. Any suggestions/ comments? [/quote]
Both are dress watches with excellent craftsmanship and in-house movements that one cannot find elsewhere (maybe with the exception of Calatrava).  However, if I were you, I would settle on Patrimony Trationelle as it is one of the most iconic VCs (like what Royal Oak is to AP).  Saxonia is not as iconic as Lange  1 or, if you have the budget, Zeitwerk.

VF25G 2012-8-10 01:49 PM

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Congrats on your purchase, lemme show mine as well sin :loveliness:

Personally I would get the VC if I were you


eta2892a2 2012-8-10 01:54 PM

Congratulation for having your new PML.

No matter for ALS or VC, simple "handwind" dress-watches would always be the first choice. Patrimony Traditionelle is so elegant. 1815, Saxonia (manual) or Saxonia Thin are just as good. Consider you have 2 GOs already, why don't you try the "french-styled" Patrimony this time?

Anyway, I believe you won't regret for having any of them for your up-coming Christmas. Cheers!

dragonliondog 2012-8-10 02:34 PM

Dear all,
I want to buy one....hopefully soon
how much is this one?? any discount....
jump out of Rolex to GO if possible, thx

socialwong 2012-8-10 03:18 PM

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List 95k last year. walk-in discount is around 15% off.

grosgrain 2012-8-10 04:49 PM

nice GO, thanks for sharing:loveliness:

dwc319 2012-8-10 06:06 PM

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Which  GO is your first?:loveliness:

My other GO is an automatic Senator! Also in steel, serves as my "dress" watch for now (until I get a VC or ALS).

socialwong 2012-8-10 06:09 PM

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Nice Senator! Show us some pics if possible. I wish my next GO is Chronometer!:smile_o06:

dwc319 2012-8-10 06:22 PM

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Saxonia is not as iconic as Lange  1 or, if you have the budget, Zeitwerk [/quote]

As crazy as that sounds, I tried on the Lange 1 and I actually prefer the big-date and the layout of the PML more. As for the Zeitwerk, I know it's a great piece and a technological marvel, but somehow it didn't have that "special appeal" to me. Oh and the price is also out of my range for now so it's a good thing I didn't fall in love with it, haha!

And I'm in my twenties (if that matters to the discussion?). I am not sure if the VC (both the brand and the watch itself) is "too mature"?

socialwong 2012-8-10 08:40 PM

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It depends on your style, rather than age. Give us some wrist shots next time you shop around AD. :smile_o01:

VF25G 2012-8-10 10:45 PM

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Agreed, I don't think age matters... my first watch was a JLC reverso, then I moved onto GO and now I only wear a G Shock or a B&R...

dragonliondog 2012-8-10 11:36 PM

If buy water goods, where is more relible and more discount
Pls pm me if ok

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List 95k last year. walk-in discount is around 15% off. [/quote]


horology 2012-8-11 10:19 AM

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Does the fact that you are in your 20s matter? It depends.

If you can afford all these watches in your 20s because your rich father bankrolls you, it does not matter. You can buy whatever you want. Forget ALS and VC (too low-end).  Go for a 48mm platinum with diamond-encrusted dial and bezel (if possible, by Panerai or Hulbot). :smile_30:

If you are buying a watch people twice your age cannot afford because you have earned the money all by yourself the hard way, you may wish your watch to be timeless.  VC, one of the big 3 of haute horlogerie, certainly suit the timeless criteria, and a good investment too. :smile_44:  Wearing it rather than the wrist-rubbish big Radomir or Deepsea your contemporaries wear says more about your style than about your bank account. :lol

zicowong 2012-8-11 06:20 PM



Sillymouse 2012-8-11 07:43 PM

Good watch, thanks for sharing.:loveliness:

aluk 2012-8-12 10:01 PM

終於有GO POST, 支持一下

dwc319 2012-8-14 08:39 PM

Had the senator for a while, sent it in to have a small fix and just got it back. My pair of GOs (sorry for the poor iPhone photography):


dwc319 2012-8-14 09:23 PM

Someone sent me a Private Message about the PML, sorry I am not able to respond at the moment due to my "新手" status. I will respond as soon as I can...

Regarding my "Christmas dilemma", thanks all for the input so far. I think I can rule out the VC Patrimony traditionnelle, I tried it on and it's a great piece but I didn't like it-- I can't quite put my finger on exactly what turned me off, something about the chapter ring markings and the dial layout and the case proportions...

I looked at the Saxonia Thin (40mm), which looked a little bit too simple with a big dial and no seconds hand, and Saxonia Automatic which was a good intermediate size (38.5mm) and had subsidiary seconds, but the movement wasn't the characteristic hand-wind Lange style. So I have to rule them out as well. Only 2 models remain in contention: the manual-winding Saxonia (37mm with subsidiary seconds) and the 1815 (40mm- subsidiary seconds, similar layout, but with arabic numerals, also a tiny bit thicker). I am intending this purchase to be my "dress" watch for formal occasions, so at the moment I am gravitating towards the manual-winding Saxonia (215.026 and 216.026). Is the size of 37mm considered acceptable? Does anyone have either one? And what are your comments? How does the movement compare to the 1815?

From what I found on the internet, the new Saxonia (216.026) and the old Saxonia (215.026) should both have the same Calibre L941.1 movement-- is that right? It is no longer listed in the ALS official website, I found a photo from Yahoo Japan at [url]http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/jackroad/ls028.html[/url]

Sorry for so many questions. I will try to take some photos when I try them out at the store later on...

smallpea 2012-8-14 09:35 PM

Congrats c hing! Pml is a nice pc to have indeed! Very nice!


socialwong 2012-8-14 09:40 PM

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Great PML and Senator Hand-date! Thanks for pic!

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dwc319 2012-8-14 09:45 PM

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Hehe, it's not a chronograph. It's the Zeigerdatum :loveliness:

socialwong 2012-8-14 10:00 PM

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socialwong 2012-8-14 10:11 PM

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It seems that you lean to AL already. If I were you, I would pick manual-winding Saxonia rather than 1815 for smaller and thinner and applied index. If you prefer larger case and newer caliber, 1815 is also an updated nice choice.
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