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not bad

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畢彼特+二戰題材+兄弟情 , 唔會差得去邊:smile_o11:

tomfkf 2014-10-23 11:57 PM

回覆 7# 的帖子


我覺得係因為好多年輕一代ge 士兵唔想去打仗同唔認同呢場戰爭. 呢個可以從NAZI張好多年輕人被吊死後係TOWN 到做一個警告. 因此, 係唔想違反自己良心之下唔爆佢大獲.

另外,我又覺得可能佢respect 佢地成CREW 人所以放左佢一馬.

ohttam92 2014-10-24 12:35 AM

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我覺得係因為好多年輕一代ge 士兵唔想去打仗同唔認同呢場戰爭. 呢個可以從NAZI張好多年輕人被吊死後係TOWN 到做一個警告. 因此, 係唔想違反自己良心之下唔爆佢大獲.

另外,我又覺 ... [/quote]

senaxxx 2014-10-24 01:51 PM

唔好意思呀!我睇到畢彼特中左幾槍之後同新仔 say sorry,



tomfkf 2014-10-24 03:54 PM

回覆 11# 的帖子

之後,D 德軍成班上去圍部坦克. 呢個moment, brad pitt 同 normal 講車底係逃生門.
咁跟住D 德軍開左個頂蓋, 放左幾個手榴彈入架坦克到. 咁Brad pit 就死左, Norman 就訓落左地下無炸親.
但有個德軍用電筒CHECK 個底 CHECK 到佢訓左係地下. Norman 對住佢耍手拎頭. 個德軍無
DOOK 爆佢就成團人走左.

就係咁Norman 訓到第2 朝, 跟住D 美軍來到救左佢.

senaxxx 2014-10-24 09:18 PM

[quote]原帖由 [i]tomfkf[/i] 於 2014-10-24 03:54 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=400800854&ptid=23936860][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
之後,D 德軍成班上去圍部坦克. 呢個moment, brad pitt 同 normal 講車底係逃生門.
咁跟住D 德軍開左個頂蓋, 放左幾個手榴彈入架坦克到. 咁Brad pit 就死左, Norman 就訓落左地下無炸親.
但有個德軍用電筒CHE ... [/quote]



Retinas 2014-10-24 10:20 PM


最深刻係要NORMAN 第一次殺人個到:smile_24:

[[i] 本帖最後由 Retinas 於 2014-10-24 10:22 PM 編輯 [/i]]

xavi6 2014-10-25 09:24 AM

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GreyAAA 2014-10-25 11:32 AM

1. 片中亮點係現存唯一仍能開動嘅虎一戰車,但此車係虎一前期型,45年時應已絕跡,雖說實車難求,但取鏡應避免拍到前/後期型最明顯分別之處(車轆)

2.夾攻虎一嘅四部 Sherman,其中竟然有 M4A2型號...M4A2 型只曾係太平洋戰區服役

3.尾段德軍士兵配備有 Panzerfaust 呢種頗高效嘅反坦克武器,但仍然無法料理一部已失動力嘅坦克,實在幾離譜失實 (留意片中段一名小童以此武器亦能 KO 一架行駛上坦克)

以戲論戲,戲情頗弱(Sorry! 尾段重頭戲對軍迷唻講只屬嘲笑點,已無視) 可讚係演員表演不俗,餐桌上以口述交待兄弟間出生入死嘅往事,每位都演得恰到好處

leonleon622 2014-10-25 11:38 AM

[quote]原帖由 [i]xavi6[/i] 於 2014-10-25 09:24 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=400857223&ptid=23936860][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
Norman 同個德國妹好慘:smile_o03:

http://i.discuss.com.hk/d/images/r10/iphoneD.jpg [/quote]


xavi6 2014-10-25 04:06 PM


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misspanda@@ 2014-10-25 05:39 PM

[quote]原帖由 [i]benny9083205[/i] 於 2014-10-23 12:50 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=400709651&ptid=23936860][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]純粹因為畢彼特而入場 [/quote]

Me 2:victory:


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[quote]原帖由 [i]leonleon622[/i] 於 2014-10-25 11:38 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=400866627&ptid=23936860][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]其實同個女仔有無做過?///http://n2.hk/d/images/r10/mobile.jpg [/quote]


FCU 2014-10-25 06:29 PM



kelvin99999 2014-11-6 02:52 PM

戰鬥場面可以 但唔多 劇情唔合理

1. 坦克戰

M4 難以射穿虎式正面裝甲基本上是常識
密集式一字排開 除左型 正面攻擊同送死無分別 方便埋對方炮台都唔駛轉一分鐘打3部...
其實比較合理 係要分散 然後繞周邊 打側甲 同背甲...

2. 結局戰

坦克失去機動力 面對黨衛軍 勝出機會係零
只需要對背部使用反坦克武器 唔明點解德軍要用機槍掃坦克 同9衝埋去送死...

kelvin99999 2014-11-6 02:53 PM

[quote]原帖由 [i]GreyAAA[/i] 於 2014-10-25 11:32 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=400866200&ptid=23936860][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
1. 片中亮點係現存唯一仍能開動嘅虎一戰車,但此車係虎一前期型,45年時應已絕跡,雖說實車難求,但取鏡應避免拍到前/後期型最明顯分別之處(車轆)

2.夾攻虎一嘅四部 S ... [/quote]

lauman121121 2015-1-3 10:44 AM

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vmz2005 2015-1-20 09:24 PM

Thanks for sharing

royrac 2015-2-23 01:14 PM

This is the worst ww2 film I have ever seen.

I've seen the movie and I would rather have them describe it as a WW2 action movie instead of "authentic". Just because you show gore doesn't mean it's realistic. The last combat scene is a disgrace. I wanted to leave the theater.
The Allied campaign in the West was NOT A WALK IN THE PARK. The allied casualties were staggering. Even when the Germans lost millions of troops in the East, battling at 3 fronts (Russia, Italy and the West) and the Luftwaffe was all but destroyed. After June 1944 the Anglo-American loses were as high as 2.000 troops per division per month.
Educate yourself, don't believe Hollywood. Read books! Anthony Beevor has great books (Stalingrad, The Fall of Berlin, Normandy,...)
1) The scene with the German anti tank guns hidden in the woods. Very slow moving Shermans while the Germans had plenty of time to aim. They missed all shots. Of course the Allies quickly destroyed them.
2) Brad Rambo commits a war crime by shooting an unarmed German prisoner. Although this happened on both sides, it was still a war crime. Funny thing is that they called the German a murderer because he wore an American jacket. Yet a few minutes later we see dickhead Shane from the Walking Dead wearing a German helmet and jacket... Double standards.
3) The scene in town. Fury comes driving slowly from behind a corner with a German anti tank gun aiming at them from within a store from 50 yards away. Yet they miss AGAIN.
4) Don't get me started at the scene with the 2 women.
5) The Tiger battle: somewhat realistic that the Tiger knocks out 3 of the Shermans. Yet Fury gets hit twice (2 times) and survives. A good Tiger crew would just turn their tank on the spot to hide the thinner back side. Also, why do the other Sherman tanks blow up while getting hit from the front, while Fury survives 2 shots from close by? Also the Tiger is close enough the get destroyed by the standard Sherman gun.
6) last scene. A battle hardened Waffen SS battalion with every other soldier wearing a panzerfaust (bazooka). Fury stands disabled on the road. The Germans run like dumb chickens in front of Fury's machine guns over and over again. Even when the Germans start using the Panzerfausts, they seem to miss from a few yards away. They only use 3 panzerfausts... Yet they continue to shoot Fury with their machine guns... The Fury crew shoots around and throws grenades blindly, killing Germans with every shot/grenade. In reality the Germans would go to cover after the first fatality's, regroup, get anti tank equipment and take out Fury within minutes after the start of the fight. Fury doesn't have machine guns at the back or sides... Brad Rambo gets out starts manning the 50 cal but still NOT A SINGLE German hits him, until the worst sniper in German history hits Brad Rambo 3 times from 100 yards and he still survives. Also his corps seems untouched even with 2 German hand grenades exploding within a yard from him.
7) The last survivor of Fury hides under the tank. A young Waffen SS soldier sees him, but decides to let him be. Of course... every Waffen SS soldier would do that after they killed more than 100 of his comrades...
8) The last scene where the camera zooms out showing Fury with a mass of dead Germans around it is just plain dumb. 

Give me back my two hours:smile_39:

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