查看完整版本 : WP10下輪更新將帶來重要新功能,版本號或為10.0.12527.0

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Teaser: Next Windows 10 for Phones build may bring some big new features. Latest known build is 10.0.12527.0

So what do you expect from the next Windows 10 for Phones build that is about one week away and will come to nearlyall devices expect Lumia 930? We certainly expect a more polished and feature packed build as compared to the first preview build. We have seen at least three different Windows 10 Phones builds getting leaked and even one new build in the developer SDK. You can catch all this covered on our dedicated page or by checking individual articles by clicking here.

Now, if Gabe Aul’s teaser has to be taken into account, we can think of “big new features”.

This is certainly great news and we have seen new features like Spartan browser, pinnable settings, keyboard enhancements, new toggles, 4 rows of quick-action buttons, LED notifications, primary account reset available in various leaked builds. Then there are tiles transparency options, new outlook mail & calendar, integrated messaging etc that are expected too. So, let us see whether the new build brings all this or surprises us with much more.

The WPBench site reveals that the latest Windows 10 Phonebuild is 10.0.12527.0 and has been under testing since 8 days. So, may be this is the build under consideration for release or we may get something newer.


大家現在最期待將於一周後到來的Windows 10 Phone預覽版第二輪更新帶來哪些新功能?我們當然希望第二版Build更新能比初次更新更加穩定,同時也增加更多功能。之前網上已有三款不同的Windows 10 Phone版本流出,甚至在開發者SDK中也包含一個新Build版本。 如果Insider項目負責人Gabriel Aul所言屬實,那麼我們現在就可以想像下Windows 10 Phone下次更新會增加哪些“ 重要新功能”了。 如上圖所示,有網友@Gabriel Aul向他詢問下次更新是否會帶來除Bug修復以外的全新重大功能。不過,也肯定了網友的疑問並表示會有一些重要的新功能。 這對我們來說當然是個好消息,之前我們已在Windows 10 Phone多個洩露版本中發現了諸如斯巴達瀏覽器、可固定式設置選項、鍵盤增強功能、全新功能開關、4列快速操作圖標、LED通知提醒、主要賬戶重置等新功能。當然我們還期待磁貼透明度選項、新型Outlook郵件&日曆及集成式消息應用等新特性。 外媒WPBench透露稱最新的Windows 10 Phone Build版本號為10.0.12527.0,並且已在8天前開始了內部測試。因此10.0.12527.0有可能就是下次更新推送的Build版本,或者也可能會是版本號更新的版本。

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Next Windows 10 Phones Build will be upgradable from all Windows Phone 8.1 Builds

The first Windows 10 for Phones Build, Build 9941.12498 was incompatible with Windows Phone 8.1 builds higher than 8.10.12419.341. We have two Windows Phone 8.1 build higher than this in the wild: 8.10.14226.359 and 8.10.14234.375. In case your devices had these two higher builds you needed to use the new “Windows Phone recovery Tool” to re-flash your device to a lower build for updating to Windows 10 preview, even if you had a supported device.

But the next promised Windows 10 Phones build will be compatible with all Windows Phone 8.1 builds it seems. This is confirmed by Gabe Aul.

@Mxiden @ahmedbmali @kalintzis Yes, next build will support upgrade from higher base versions.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) March 31, 2015

You can catch all Windows 10 for Phones details covered on our dedicated page or by checking individual articles by clicking here.

The post Next Windows 10 Phones Build will be upgradable from all Windows Phone 8.1 Builds

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微軟首次推送的Win10手機預覽版系統(Build 9941.12498)並不兼容版本號高於8.10.12419.341的Windows Phone 8.1設備進行更新,而目前市面中某些WP8.1設備的系統版本號已高於上述版本,如8.10.14226.359與8.10.14234.375,因此即便這些機型支持升級至Win10手機預覽版系統,但仍需使用刷機工具降至更低的系統版本後才能更新Win10。

不過上述困局現在已被微軟成功攻破,Windows Insider項目負責人Gabriel Aul今天在Twitter上回答網友問題時已確認稱:“下個(Win10手機)版本將支持更高(WP8.1)系統版本升級。”



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今天早上消息,微軟Windows Insider負責人Gabriel Aul宣布新的Win10 for Phones預覽版更新將在北京時間4月11日周六凌晨1點推送(太平洋時間周五上午10點)。本次推送機型列表中將缺失Lumia930和Lumia Icon。



• Lumia 1020

• Lumia 1320

• Lumia 1520

• Lumia 520

• Lumia 525

• Lumia 526

• Lumia 530

• Lumia 530 Dual Sim

• Lumia 620

• Lumia 625

• Lumia 630

• Lumia 630 Dual Sim

• Lumia 635

• Lumia 636

• Lumia 638

• Lumia 720

• Lumia 730

• Lumia 730 Dual SIM

• Lumia 735

• Lumia 810

• Lumia 820

• Lumia 822

• Lumia 830

• Lumia 920

• Lumia 925

• Lumia 928

• 微軟 Lumia 430

• 微軟 Lumia 435

• 微軟 Lumia 435 雙卡雙待

• 微軟 Lumia 435 雙卡雙待 DTV

• 微軟 Lumia 532

• 微軟 Lumia 532 雙卡雙待

• 微軟 Lumia 640 雙卡雙待

• 微軟 Lumia 535

• 微軟 Lumia 535 雙卡雙待

值得一提的是,此前微軟預告Win10手機系統預覽版推送機型列表包括Lumia Icon,但是這次Lumia930和Lumia Icon因為屏幕縮放問題而無緣,需要等待下一次Win10系統更新。

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Want to download the Windows Phone Technical Preview? Read this first

The Windows 10 for Phones technical preview is coming tomorrow to most WP8.1 Lumias except the Lumia 930/Icon. Now many of you may be ready to download and install the preview on your phones as soon as it comes out. That’s admirable, but you may need to slow down and think first. Before reading any further, here are three words. Hard reset. Soft reset. Roll-back. If it took you more then five seconds to remember what those are, don’t bother reading any more. The tech preview is most likely not for you.

Now, many of you may have heard of the Windows Phone dev preview and how you can use it to get early, stable, FINISHED updates to your phone. This is not that program. They only share the words preview in common. The Windows Technical preview is truly offering you a preview release of an unfinished OS on your phone. Here’s what could happen: things may not work, the software may fritz on you, the phone app may freeze when you need to call emergency services, the skies may split apart and rain down judgement on you (Maybe). The point is, everything that can go wrong has a high possibility of going wrong and you should be prepared for that. The best way to install the preview is on a secondary phone if eligible or on your primary phone if, and only if you have a back up you can fall back on. If you’ve read all this and you’re still rather hell-bent on installing the tech preview, in Microsoft’s words “Don’t say we didn’t warn you” if you think “S/Mime is a way of escape from an invisible box, you may be better of sticking with Windows phone 8.1″.

The current Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview had this list of known issues:

Existing alarms will not be migrated to Windows 10.Workaround: Reset alarms after upgradeWi-Fi settings don’t roam when phone is upgraded to Windows 10. Workaround: Manually set Wi-Fi settings when on Windows 10VPN not available in current Windows 10 builds. Setting will fail to launch. Coming in a future update.Additional language keyboards may not be present and may not be able to install on US builds after upgrading to Windows 10. Workaround: Reopen the Windows Insider app and re-select Insider Fast/Slow again. The download of keyboard packages will then workPhotos app will fail to launch periodically when attempting to add a photo attachment to an email, OneNote or Facebook item. Workaround: Try again. Succeeds after a few attempts.Quiet Hours is missing the automatic rule that enables Quiet hours during calendar appointments marked busy. Also the setting “Anyone breaks through if they call 2 times in 3 minutes” us unchecked but enabled.Apps are not displayed in Battery saver after the upgrade.Access Point Names (APNs) in recovery images can fall out of date. For some phones/networks, this will block the cellular data and MMS capabilities of a phone when recovering back to the base image. Workaround: Before using the Windows Mobile Recovery Tool to recover, record the specific APN settings on your phone. Set manually once phone restoredCellular data not working while roaming, despite enabling data roaming.Workaround : The setting doesn’t work the first time it’s enabled. Turning off and then turning on again will enable data while roamingUsing a Bluetooth headset while playing back video results in low frame rate for video, due to a bug in the interaction between video playback and Bluetooth.Workaround: Use wired headset for listening to audio when playing videos.Sync to Microsoft Band doesn’t work after updating to Windows 10. If you have your phone synced to Microsoft band, it will not pair after the update to Windows 10.Workaround: After upgrade to Windows 10, go to Bluetooth settings, un-pair the Microsoft Band device and re-pair it.DataSense resets data use history on upgrade to Windows 10. No workaround: Will calculate correctly after the reset.Trying to set lock screen picture will fail at times.Workaround: Re-attempt the operation.After upgrade, tapping on “Playlist” from start screen or from within Music App fails to play music. Playlists are greyed out.Cortana tile and settings are missing on the start screen after upgrade. Workaround: Go to app list and re-pin the tile

In addition some found it so slow as to be nearly unusable. Now of course that was a very early build, and it is likely that the next one will be much more refined,  but it still seems unwise to load the OS on your primary device if you rely at all on a being able to reliably receive phone calls, send email and a lot more.

If you’re still undeterred at this point, here’s a bunch of links to read up on.

How to Reset your Windows Phone device
[url] http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/how-to/wp8/settings-and-personalization/reset-my-phone [/url]

How to Recover your Lumia Software
[url] http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/mobile/support/faq/?action=singleTopic&topic=FA142987 [/url]

Terms and Conditions for Windows 10 Technical preview
[url] https://insider.windows.com/Home/TermsOfUse [/url]

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等不及更新Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版了?先讀讀這個

Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版第二次更新將在明天凌晨面向大部分WP8 .1機型推送,當然Lumia 930與Lumia Icon除外。在大家準備更新之前,請先確保自己已了解“硬啟”“軟啟”與“回滾”的概念。 現在許多用戶都已聽說過Windows Phone開發者預覽版以及獲得該版本系統更新的方法。不過Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版並非Windows Phone開發者預覽版。二者只有“預覽版”這一項共同點。 與已經完成開發且較為穩定的開發者預覽版系統相比,Windows技術預覽版實際上是一個尚未開發完成的系統,用戶可能會遇到以下情況:某些功能可能無法使用、應用可能出現鎖死、當需要撥打緊急電話時電話應用假死等。關鍵是任何功能或應用都可能出錯,大家需要做好心理準備。 最好的辦法是在備用機上安裝 Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版系統,如果非要在主力機上安裝,記住提 ​​前備份數據,做好回滾系統的準備。 首次Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版中存在問題與變通方案一覽:

 1.現有鬧鐘不會被遷入WP10中 變通方案:在升級完成後重啟《鬧鐘》 
2.當手機更新至WP10後,WiFi設置不漫遊 變通方案:在WP10中手動設置WiFi 
3.VPN在當前WP10版本中不可用。設置無法正常啟動,會在後續更新中解決 變通方案:無,將在後續更新中解決
4.其他語言鍵盤可能不會出現,在更新WP10後,美國區版本可能無法安裝其他語言鍵盤(註:據反映,中文版輸入有問題,只能輸入字母) 變通方案:重新打開《Windows Insider》應用,重新選擇Insider快/慢進度。接著便可下載鍵盤了 
5.在試圖將一張照片附件添加至郵件、OneNote或Facebook中時,《相冊》應用將無法啟動 變通方案:再次嘗試,直到能用為止 
6.在日曆日程中被標記為“忙碌”的時間段,“免打擾時間”無法自動啟動;同樣的“3分鐘內撥打2次電話的情況不受規則限制”設置選項會默認為開啟狀態 變通方案:無 
7.接入點名稱(APN)更新後會失效。對某些手機/網絡來說,當回滾系統後,該Bug將屏蔽數據流量與彩信功能 變通方案:在使用Windows恢復工具回滾前,記下手機中特定的APN。接著在恢復後手動設置 
8.即便在數據漫遊選項中選擇“漫遊”,仍無法使用手機數據流量 變通方案:首次設置無效,關閉重新設置即可 
10.在升級WP10後無法同步Microsoft Band手環數據。如果你的手機已經與Microsoft Band配對,在更新WP10後將無法與Microsoft Band再次配對 變通方案:在升級WP10後,前往藍牙設置中,斷開與Microsoft Band的配對然後重新配對 
11.更新WP10後, 《流量感知》重啟使用歷史數據 變通方案:無,會在重啟後正確計算 
12.設置鎖屏圖片失敗 變通方案:重複嘗試,直到成功為止 
13.更新後,在開始屏幕中點擊“播放列表”或在《音樂》中點擊播放列表都無法播放音樂。播放列表呈暗灰色 變通方案:無 
14.在更新後,Cortana磁貼與設置在開始屏幕中默認為未固定狀態 變通方案:

前往應用列表中重新固定首次Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版缺失哪些功能?

消息傳遞當前缺少一些你可能會在Windows Phone 8.1 中使用的功能,包括雙SIM 卡支持、搜索、郵件草稿、共享語音便箋和鈴聲、雙向語言支持、國際輔助撥號、垃圾郵件篩選器、查看所有組收件人、Cortana 的提醒和免打擾時間、多附件和GSM 支持。如果你經常使用這些功能,你將需要等待我們將這些功能加入未來的版本後再安裝預覽版。對於手機,Cortana 僅提供英語(美國)版本。在其他區域,你將獲得標準搜索體驗。預覽版中不提供“房間”功能。你仍然可以通過Web 或使用手機上的其他應用,獲取相冊、日曆和便箋。你將無法看到你的聊天歷史記錄,或者無法發送或接收任何新的聊天記錄。如果在你的“房間”聊天中有你要保留的重要信息,請在將你的手機更新至Technical Preview 之前,將其副本保存到不同的設備。有關詳細信息,請查看房間FAQ。預覽版中的一些文本尚未翻譯為所有可用語言,因此將只以英語顯示。當最終產品上市時此文本將翻譯為所有可用語言。預覽版中的手機應用不提供雙重SIM 卡支持或垃圾郵件篩選功能。

此外還有一些用戶發現首次Windows 10 Phone系統卡頓現像很明顯,當然對於首次版本更新不能過於苛求,相信將於明天推送的更新將更加精緻。但似乎用主力機來更新Windows 10 Phone仍舊不太明智,特別對於那些經常接打電話、首發短信的用戶來說。 當然如果大家仍決定堅持更新,請先點擊閱讀如下說明。

How to Reset your Windows Phone device
[url] http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/how-to/wp8/settings-and-personalization/reset-my-phone [/url]

How to Recover your Lumia Software
[url] http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/mobile/support/faq/?action=singleTopic&topic=FA142987 [/url]

Terms and Conditions for Windows 10 Technical preview
[url] https://insider.windows.com/Home/TermsOfUse [/url]


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Here’s when the new Windows 10 for Phones build will be available in major time zones!

Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul recently announced that a new Windows 10 for Phones build will be available today (Friday) at 10 a.m. PDT. But if you’re in a different time zone, you’re probably going to spend a minute or so finding out what time the new build is coming out on your time zone – but we’re here to help you out ;). Here’s when the new Windows 10 for Phones build will be available in major time zones:

United Kingdom – 18:00
India – 22:30
Brazil (Brasilia) – 14:00
Netherlands – 19:00
Italy – 19:00
Poland – 19:00
France – 19:00
Germany – 19:00
Spain – 19:00
Pakistan – 22:00
Bangladesh – 23:00
New York – 13:00
China – 01:00 (Saturday)
Australia – 03:00 (Saturday)
Japan – 02:00 (Saturday)Canada (Ottawa) – 13:00Mexico (Mexico City) – 12:00
Bulgaria – 20:00
Romania – 20:00
New Zealand (Wellington) – 05:00
Russia (Moscow) – 20:00
Dubai – 21:00

If you don’t follow any of these above time zones, you can easily convert 10 a.m. PDT to your time zone on this website. Also, Cortana can help you convert 10 a.m. PDT to any time zone – to convert the time, ask Cortana “What is 10 a.m. PDT in London?”. And Cortana should tell you what’s 10 a.m PDT on your timezone:

New Windows 10 for Phones Build in:
[url] http://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/20150410180000/w4410hms/1/New_Windows_10_for_Phones_Build_in%3A [/url]

[url] http://www.tickcounter.com/ [/url]

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查看全球主要時區WP10 Build推送時間

微軟Gabriel Aul最近宣布新的Windows 10 Phone Build將於太平洋夏令時星期五上午10點開始推送。但是如果你處在其他時區,可能想了解Windows 10 Phone Build在你所處時區的具體發佈時間,為此我們為你提供了確切的發佈時間。這是新Windows 10 Phone Build在全球主要時區的推送時間:

英國- 18:00   
印度- 22:30   
巴西(巴西利亞)- 14:00   
荷蘭- 19:00   
意大利- 19:00   
波蘭- 19:00   
法國- 19:00   
德國- 19:00   
西班牙- 19:00   
巴基斯坦- 22:00   
孟加拉國- 23點  
紐約- 13:00   
日本- 02:00(週六)   
加拿大(渥太華)- 13:00   
墨西哥(墨西哥城)- 12:00   
保加利亞- 20:00   
羅馬尼亞- 20:00   
新西蘭(惠靈頓)– 05:00  
俄羅斯(莫斯科)- 20:00   
迪拜- 21:00

New Windows 10 for Phones Build in:
http://www.tickcounter.com/count ... _Phones_Build_in%3A



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終於等到你:Windows 10 Phone預覽版更新正式推送&細節

如期而至,就像Windows Insider計劃負責人Aul推文說的那樣,Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版首個更新將於太平洋時間週五上午10點(北京時間4月11日凌晨1點)推送。現在,Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版首個更新正式推送啦! 其中,此次Windows 10 Phone預覽版更新版本號為Windows 10 Mobile Build 10051(系統版本:10.0.10051)。更新細節:

Project SpartanOutlook 郵件和日曆新的手機和消息應用全新的人脈應用全新的地圖應用全新的多任務界面大幅修復與改進


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謹慎更新!Windows 10 Phone Build 10051有這些新的問題

版本號: 10051 支持機型: Lumia 1020Lumia 1320 Lumia 1520 Lumia 520 Lumia 525 Lumia 526 Lumia 530 Lumia 530 Dual Sim Lumia 535 Lumia 620 Lumia 625Lumia 630 Lumia 630 Dual Sim Lumia 635 Lumia 636 Lumia 638 Lumia 720Lumia 730 Lumia 730 Dual SIM Lumia 735 Lumia 810 Lumia 820 Lumia 822Lumia 830 lumia 920 Lumia 925 Lumia 928 Microsoft Lumia 430 Microsoft Lumia 435 Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIMMicrosoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM DTVMicrosoft Lumia 532 Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIMMicrosoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM 不支持機型: Icon、930、640XL 新功能:

斯巴達瀏覽器;全新Outlook 郵件和Outlook 日曆應用;全新電話和消息應用;全新人脈應用;全新地圖應用;升級應用切換界面:支持橫向應用顯示、大屏如1520 顯示網格界面、應用數量提高到15個。

修改鍵盤佈局、添加語言切換按鈕;提高Cortana 圖標分辨率;修復向郵件、OneNote 和OneDrive 添加照片時,照片應用無法啟動的問題;修復微軟手環不同步的問題;現在照片應用的磁貼默認使用主題色,之後可以展示收藏或者OneDrive 中的照片。

升級後某些在SD 卡上安裝的應用可能無法啟動,需要重新安裝;來電有1% 的機率不會響鈴;電話和短信攔截應用暫時無法使用;由9941 升級而來的用戶,彩信的設置將會丟失,如果需要使用彩信,需要回滾至8.1 後重新升級;由9941 升級而來的用戶,開始屏幕上的相機和照片磁貼可能丟失或出錯,需要取消固定後再重新固定磁貼;某些手機上,由於顯示縮放的問題,鬧鐘響起時,取消按鈕將無法顯示,需要根據箭頭上劃通知並關閉屏幕來關閉鬧鐘;512MB內存的手機上,由於內存管理的問題,應用很可能會隨機崩潰;無法開啟飛行模式;數據連接無法關閉;電話應用的磁貼可能需要重新固定到開始屏幕;某些手機上的Insider Hub 應用可能無法啟動。

source wpxap


COROLLA2003 2015-4-11 04:18

手機版 Windows 10 Technical Preview 全新 Build 10051 更新開放下載


lafy 2015-4-11 08:09

[quote]原帖由 [i]COROLLA2003[/i] 於 2015-4-11 04:18 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=413997885&ptid=24505318][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
手機版 Windows 10 Technical Preview 全新 Build 10051 更新開放下載

http://blogjackphone.com/nokia/windows-10-technical-preview-build-10051-for-phones/ [/quote]


COROLLA2003 2015-4-11 09:04

[quote]原帖由 [i]lafy[/i] 於 2015-4-11 08:09 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=414005203&ptid=24505318][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]


http://i.discuss.com.hk/d/images/r10/iphoneD.jpg [/quote]
可能只有GDR2 無wp10 build

lafy 2015-4-11 10:36

[quote]原帖由 [i]COROLLA2003[/i] 於 2015-4-11 09:04 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=414008562&ptid=24505318][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]可能只有GDR2 無wp10 build [/quote]

更新完,未有wp10 build


kennyth20065c1 2015-4-11 13:31

P.S. GDR2更新中....

COROLLA2003 2015-4-11 16:17

手機版Windows 10 TP build 10051

[url] http://blogjackphone.com/nokia/windows-10-technical-preview-build-10051-for-phones/ [/url]


COROLLA2003 2015-4-11 16:44

Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版大部分BUG列表:smile_o04::smile_o04:

Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版首先應該肯定的是WP10給我們帶來了很大的期待,但於此同時也有很多Bug不可避免,畢竟是技術預覽版,下面是我蒐集的各種Bug,歡迎各位評論與反饋。

Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版Bug有點多,建議還是升到8.1update2,然後持觀望狀態。假如已經升10了,覺得不是很適應的話,想回滾的要做好手機東西都被清空的準備,即使有備份也是恢復不回來的==























 23.附加信息有的出現Lumia Cyan








source card.weibo


COROLLA2003 2015-4-11 17:02



1、使用Windows Insider獲取版本顯示Server Error:


解決方法 post #32
[url] http://m.discuss.com.hk/index.php?action=thread&tid=24344445&extra=page%253D1&page=3 [/url]













8、更新至WP8.1 GDR2之後,找不到Win10手機版更新,顯示已安裝最新版本:

再次打開Windows Insider,再次登錄微軟賬號,將此前的操作重新進行一遍,或直接卸載Windows Insider重裝之後再進行操作,應當能夠解決問題。


進入設置,電話(Phone),SIM Security,將其關閉即可。












打開Windows Insider再次登錄微軟賬號,將此前的操作重新進行一遍,或直接卸載Windows Insider重裝之後再進行操作,然後進入手機更新進行檢查更新或下載操作。


“People”為Win10全新人脈應用,“People legacy”為WP8.1版人脈應用,用戶可以按照喜好選擇使用。

17、使用Windows Phone Recovery Tool回滾失敗,出現各種問題:

再次嘗試回滾,或使用Nokia Software Recovery  [url] http://download.fds-ncom.nokia.com/supportFiles/phones/files/recovery/NokiaSoftwareRecoveryToolInstaller.exe [/url]進行一鍵式還原,動手能力強的用戶可以嘗試使用Nokia Care Suite強刷版本。






設置— 系統— 關於— Reset your phone,即可重置手機.



source wp之家


Regexman 2015-4-11 20:23

[quote]原帖由 [i]COROLLA2003[/i] 於 2015-4-11 04:44 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=414035570&ptid=24505318][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版大部分BUG列表:smile_o04::smile_o04:

Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版首先應該肯定的是WP10給我們帶來了很大的期待,但於此同時也有很多Bug不可避免,畢竟是技術預覽版,下面是我蒐集的各種 ... [/quote]

COROLLA2003 2015-4-13 16:55

Here are some Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview tweaks you may have missed

Windows 10 Mobile TP2 is out, and while there are many large changes for people to fawn over – there is also a collection of smaller changes as well.

We have noticed this list of minor changes, illustrated in the screen shot gallery below:

All settings can now be pinned to the start screen, like in 8.1 GDR2 with a small pin indicating pinnability –just like in Windows 10 for desktop.The Multitasking UI has changed, now it moves from left to right like iOS, rather than from right to left like the current implementation.Users of the current TP may also notice improved app backgrounding for apps. An example would be the stopwatch app which always remembers stays up to date even if it crashes. Other apps like Maps, Camera and Photos – despite being crash prone, almost always managed to restart right where I left them from the multitasking pane.The messaging app no longer spawns multiple cards in the task manager, and you’ll no longer be able to leave different pages open for different chats.Other small tweaks include the continued Metro 2.0ification of the settings pane. More applets now have the rounded toggles and grey header.Battery Saver and Speech in particular have a few additions. Battery saver now allows you to customize the threshold below which your phone begins to save power, albeit from below 60 percent .There’s also a new brightness slider in display settings which works just as you’d expect, Text to Speech also now references Mark and Zira as opposed to the generic male and female and the about screen now includes app resolution as well as phone resolution.

Windows 10 Phone第二輪推送新增變化

Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版第二次更新已經放出,除了之前公佈的許多大幅變動外,這次更新還帶來了一系列細微變動:

幾乎所有設置選項均可固定至開始屏幕,就像在WP8 .1 GDR2中那樣,在設置選項屏幕頂部右側有個圖釘狀圖標,點擊即可完成固定,與Windows 10 PC版也非常相似
多任務界面UI 發生變化,現在其排列順序以變為從左到右,就像iOS 那樣,而不是WP8.1 中的從右到左排列
當前預覽版用戶可能也注意到了Win10 應用後台處理機制得到了改進。《鬧鐘》中的“秒錶”應用就是個很好的例子,即便發生崩潰,它也一直記得保持最新狀態。其他應用諸如《地圖》《相機》與《照片》,即便很容易發生崩潰,但在重啟後也總能回復到崩潰前的狀態
其他小幅變動包括設計面板中仍在演變的“Metro 2.0”設計方案,更多小程序現在搭載了圓形圖標與灰色標頭《節電模式》與《語音》發生了一些額外變化。《節電模式》現在允許用戶自定義開啟該模式的手機電量,最大值為80%

以上就是我們在Windows 10 Phone中發現的一些新變化,大家還有其他發現嗎?歡迎回復告知!

source wmpu


COROLLA2003 2015-4-13 17:00

Windows 10 Mobile’s UI tests Microsoft’s feedback claims once again
Microsoft announced the Windows 10 and Windows Insider Program as a new revolutionary program. A program where they would be more open, share details with Windows Insiders and take feedback to avoid a repeat of Windows 8. For those who don’t remember, during the Windows 8 Beta days, many people complained about aspects of metro. They weren’t sure it was as usable as Windows 7 and made requests for changes which were ignored. The rest is history. Windows 8 tanked everywhere and became one of the most hated Microsoft OSes since Vista.
On Windows 10 for PCs, Microsoft made a similar disputed change with OneDrive and the way the OS handles Onedrive files, there was an almost immediate glut of negative feedback towards the change. Many testers saw it as for the worse but Microsoft had made their choice, feedback be damned.

The next opportunity for feedback came with the launch of the Windows 10 for Mobile preview. The UI for Windows 10 Mobile, hamburger and all, created a near instantaneousbacklash from bloggers and users alike. A uservoice of over 17, 000 votescontinues to raise more votes and detailed feedback by the day (I have yet to see anyone asking for the opposite).
A uservoice suggestion on the OneDrive hamburger menu was penned by Windows Phone user Peter Juhasz. He writes “The WP UI revamp is not done! We would like to see beautiful Modern/Metro style user interfaces on our Windows Phones and not stupid Android copies. Remove the hamburger menu and do not bring it back. It is in the farthest corner of the phone from my finger and I can not reach it. Furthermore, the flyout is ugly and lags on my 930…Do not forget the search button, the pivot view and all the missing parts.And do not introduce more bad UI practices and concepts like these ones in the future. Stick to the pertfectly designed Metro principles, what we love!(sic)”

Another Windows Phone petitionreads as such “In Windows 10 Demo, it seems the MS is moving all the Menu/Navigation Buttons to the top of the screen. I think that’s a mistake, We need to keep these at the bottom of the screen , like the existing IE in the phones, to make it easy to use with one hand and also keep the original/innovative style take started with Windows Phone.”

While Microsoft has not replied to many of the UI threads, the Peter’s UI suggestion has since been shot down with the following response. “Thanks for the feedback. At this time, this is the UI pattern we’re adopting for account management. You’ll notice that a number of other Microsoft apps are shifting to using the hamburger and our work here is consistent with that approach.”
[img] http://wmpoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/onedrive-app-update_thumb.jpg [/img]
The user interface of Windows 10 as it is shaping up – is so far, a disaster. The hamburger menus everywhere pointing out the painfully obvious, the lack of swipeable elements in certain apps, the zoo that is the settings menu (fixed in 8.1 GDR2, destroyed again in Windows 10). None of these are features requested and even liked by users, yet Microsoft’s Interface team has seen them to be fit for purpose.
The question this- and the aforementioned OneDrive incident raise however, is this – “exactly what kind of feedback does Microsoft want from the Windows Insiders?” If they can casually brush off any and all criticism that goes against their plans, then exactly what do they want feedback on? The shape of the recycle bin? Squares vs circles?
If Microsoft is aiming for transparency, then they should be transparent in exactly what kind of feedback they want.
Microsoft’s Build is coming up soon, we’ll be able to know more about what their feedback is then. While I don’t doubt they are listening to the feedback, the real test comes with they’re doing with it. Summer is almost here, and time is ticking. Will Microsoft pleasantly surprise everyone with a workable UI and UX that surpasses both their previous efforts and those of their competitors – or will they play it safe? As the saying goes – We shall see.

Postscript: There is a certain group of fans who will no doubt point out that the Windows 10 preview is in fact a preview. Those fans will inform us that when Microsoft is asking for feedback, they mean wait till they are done with the OS and then deliver feedback. They will then go on to tell us about how we’re seeing the building process and how we can’t judge until it is done. To those fans, I have a saying for you – “If you want to strike, strike now. No matter how skilfully a footballer strikes beyond the 90 minutes’ regulated time, he makes no influence. Strike now before it becomes too late!”

source wmpu


COROLLA2003 2015-4-13 17:01


微軟是否聽從了反饋?新WP10 Build UI讓我們有些懷疑

微軟宣布Windows 10和Windows內部參與者計劃可以看作是革命性的一步。通過Windows內部參與者計劃微軟將更加開放並分享更多的開發細節,以獲取有效的反饋,避免與Windows 8重複。有些用戶可能還記得,在Windows 8測試版階段,很多人抱怨Metro界面。他們不確定新內容是否會和Windows 7一樣實用,同時也忽略了那些要求改變的請求。現在這些都成為過去。Windows 8很多地方都不受用戶待見,成為Vista以來最失敗的微軟操作系統。   在Windows 10個人電腦版本裡,微軟也有類似的爭議性改變,如OneDrive以及操作系統處理OneDrive文件的方式,這項改變立即招致大量的負面反饋。許多測試人員認為很差,但微軟還是堅持他們的選擇,反饋被忽略。 反饋大量出現是在Windows 10移動預覽版推出後。Windows 10移動預覽版的UI、漢堡菜單鍵,等等,激發了來自博客用戶和手機用戶的反饋慾望。在用戶之聲論壇,一天之內有超過17,000張投票,並繼續帶來更多的投票和反饋細節(我還沒有看到有支持這項變化的投票)。 在用戶之聲論壇,關於OneDrive漢堡菜單鍵的建議是由Windows Phone用戶Peter Juhasz首先提出。他寫道


引用: “這項WP UI 沒有做好!我們希望在我們的Windows Phone 手機上看到更美觀的Modern / Metro 風格的用戶界面,而不是愚蠢的Andr​​oid 感覺。趕快去掉漢堡菜單鍵,再也不要讓它出現。在手機上它距離我的手指太遠了,很難夠到。此外,在我的930上,彈出式菜單很醜反應也有滯後感…不要忘記搜索按鈕、旋轉視圖和所有丟失的部分。再也不要引入更多這類糟糕的UI 和概念。將Metro 風格的設計堅持到底,我們只喜歡這個!(原文如此)”

另一個Windows Phone 請願是這樣的:

引用: “在Windows 10 演示中,微軟似乎正在移除所有屏幕頂端的菜單/導航按鈕。我認為這是一個錯誤,我們需要在屏幕的底部提供這些,就像手機上的IE 一樣,易於單手操作,並保持Windows Phone 原來的/創新的風格。”


Windows 10的用戶界面還在改進,沒有最終確定,但漢堡菜單鍵簡直是一場災難。同時也指出了一些顯而易見的錯誤,某些應用缺乏可滑動的元素。這些特性既不是用戶所要求的,也不是他們所喜歡的,但微軟的界麵團隊似乎認為這才是合適的。由上述的OneDrive事件我們想知道—— “究竟微軟想從Windows內部參與者計劃裡獲得什麼樣的反饋?”如果他們隨意丟棄任何與其計劃相反的批評和反對意見,那麼他們想要什麼樣的反饋呢?回收站的外觀?方形vs圓形? 如果微軟的目標是透明化,那麼微軟應該明確他們想要什麼樣的反饋,一切流程都應是透明的。   
微軟的新Build很快還會再次到來,我們到時就會明確他們想要的反饋是哪些。雖然我從不懷疑微軟聽從了反饋,但真正的考驗來了。夏天就要到來,時間緊迫,微軟能否拿出用戶認可的UI和UX,給所有用戶一個驚喜,超出他們先前的努力和所有競爭對手的努力?你對Windows Phone UI有哪些好的建議?抓緊告訴微軟吧。PS :有一夥鐵桿支持者指出,Windows 10預覽版目前還處在預覽階段,這些粉絲是想讓我們知道,要等到微軟完成了操作系統才會看到我們的反饋所帶來的最終結果。然後他們會繼續告訴我們現在還在開發中,我們不能那麼早就下定論。對這些粉絲,我想說——“如果你想罷工,就罷工得了。無論多麼有技巧的球員,停下來超過90分鐘,這場球賽就對他毫無意義了。


Regexman 2015-4-13 18:11

[quote]原帖由 [i]COROLLA2003[/i] 於 2015-4-13 05:01 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=414228580&ptid=24505318][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]

微軟是否聽從了反饋?新WP10 Build UI讓我們有些懷疑

微軟宣布Windows 10和Windows內部參與者計劃可以看作是革命性的一步。通過Windows內部參與者計劃微軟將更加開放並分享更多的開發細節,以獲取有效的反 ... [/quote]
佢係就係想統一個UI,但係放棄咗手機UI同UX,Hamburger Button 搞到我好反胃,... 比以前低,完全難操作,我覺得微軟要堅持Metro UI

COROLLA2003 2015-4-14 05:55

Here's some workarounds for the SIM PIN freezing issue in Windows 10 for phones

On Friday, Microsoft finally releasedWindows 10 for phones build 10051 to almost the entire Lumia range of phones, but the build also came withknown issues and bugs, some of which turned out to be very frustrating. One example was the SIM PIN freezing issue widely reported online and to Gabe Aul, the head of the Windows Insider program, on Twitter.

As many have discovered, anyone who has set a SIM PIN can't enter it without the phone freezing with the new Windows 10 for phones Technical Preview installed. There are different steps to resolve or work around this that are listed below. Some work on certain Lumias, while others do not.

If you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 for phones yet, and have a PIN for your SIM:

Disable the SIM PIN by going to Settings > Cellular & SIM.Upgrade to Windows 10 for phones through the Insider app.OPTIONAL: Add a Phone password via All Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > Advanced Settings > Password (ON).

If you have already upgraded to Windows 10 for phones and have the freezing issue (SIM PIN security):

Reset your phone with the hardware buttons (vol down and power button) if your phone is frozen.Cancel the enter PIN prompt.Go to All Settings > System > Phone > (SIM section) and disable SIM security (this works some of the time).Reboot phone, and you should get cellular again.OPTIONAL: Add a Phone password via All Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > Advanced Settings > Password (ON).

Optional method to try before the last step:

If frozen at the PIN prompt, remove the SIM (while the phone is still on).Reinsert the SIM.This unfreezes the phone, but you will still not have cellular.You can also remove the SIM PIN using another phone if you have access to one.

Another optional workaround for cellular with SIM security (thanks Jarrichvdv):

Go to All Settings > System > Phone > (SIM section) and disable SIM security (this works some of the time).Enter PINRe-enable SIM Security immediatelyEnter PIN againYou will have cellular (this method is required on each restart of your phone)

If you can't disable the SIM security with the above steps:

Make a pot of coffee or tea and get comfy.Download and install the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.Ensure your phone is backed up (this is usually a default setting).Start the app and connect your Lumia with a USB cable and 'downgrade' to the available software shown in the app.Have fun setting up your Lumia again from scratch or backup.Disable SIM PIN (first step up above).Run the Windows Insider app again if you still want to upgrade to Windows 10 for phones (also see this optional Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 2 step).

If we missed a step or if there is an easier alternative method, let us know so we can adjust these steps. Fromdiscussions in our forum and online it seems there are a few different methods and results depending on your Lumia model.

Be sure to comment on your experience with Windows 10 for phones here if you haven't already, we also have a support thread for known issues in our forums, and of course, please share your experience with this SIM PIN issue.

WP10 Build 10051出現SIM PIN凍結問題,這些方案可參考

微軟週五終於發布了Windows 10 Phone Build 10051,支持大部分Lumia手機,但本次Windows 10 Phone Build還存在一些已知問題和缺陷,其中有些足夠令人沮喪。SIM PIN凍結問題就是其中一個例子,問題已經在線提交給了Windows內部計劃負責人Gabe Aul。    
 很多用戶都發現,手機沒有安裝Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版或者即便已經安裝,設置了SIM PIN後卻無法輸入以解鎖手機。這裡有幾個方案可以解決問題或者作為變通的方案。可能只對部分Lumia起作用,如果遇到這個問題權且嘗試,祝你成功。如果沒有升級到Windows 10 Phone,為SIM設置PIN後無法輸入PIN碼:

禁用SIM PIN,前往設置>Cellular(信號) & SIM。  
通過內部參與者應用升級到Windows 10 Phone。  

如果你已經升級到了Windows 10 Phone,遇到SIM PIN 凍結問題( SIM PIN 安全):

如果你的手機已被凍結,使用硬件按鈕重啟手機(音量鍵下+電源按鈕)。  取消輸入PIN 提示。  前往所有設置>系統>手機>(SIM 部分),禁用SIM 安全(需要一點時間)。  再次重啟手機,你應該可以發現信號。  可選:通過所有設置>個性化>鎖定屏幕>高級設置>密碼(ON)為手機添加新密碼。

如果PIN 提示凍結,移除SIM(手機仍開機)。  
重新插入SIM 卡。  
這樣可以解凍手機,但沒有信號。  您還可以使用另一部可訪問的手機來移除SIM PIN。

另一個可選的解決方案,解決SIM 安全的信號問題(感謝Jarrichvdv):     

前往所有設置>系統>手機>(SIM部分)和禁用SIM 安全(需要一點時間)。  
立即重啟SIM 安全。  

如果上述步驟無法禁用SIM 安全:     

下載並安裝Windows Phone恢復工具。  
啟動Windows Phone 恢復工具,並通過USB數據線連接你的Lumia,“降級”到應用所示的可用操作系統版本。  從頭開始或從備份設置Lumia。  禁用SIM PIN(第一個方案的第一步)。  
如果你仍然想將手機升級到Windows 10 Phone,再次運行Windows 內部參與者應用升級(如果感興趣也可以嘗試升級到Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 2 )。

如果你還有更簡單的方法或者我們丟掉了哪一步,請分享你的方案。也請分享你安裝了Windows 10 Phone Build 10051後的詳細體驗(給微軟反饋),以及你是怎樣解決SIM PIN凍結問題的。

source neowin


COROLLA2003 2015-4-15 05:51

Warning: On Windows 10 Mobile TP, don’t uninstall Outlook Mail and Calendar

With Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft seems to have taken an attitude of little handholding and letting users make mistakes if they want.

While we appreciate this less paternalistic attitude, it does mean the need for a lot of warnings.

The latest is that Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview users should not try and uninstall the Outlook Calendar and Outlook Mail apps, no matter how much you hate the hamburger menus.

For one, it will not bring back the old mail and calendar apps, and secondly, you will end up being stuck without any mail or calendar apps, as there does not seem to be any way to re-install them without hard resetting your phone.

So, dear Technical Preview users, walk carefully around those landmines!

警告:請勿卸載Windows 10 Phone版《Outlook郵件》與《日曆》

微軟似乎對於Windows 10 Phone採取了一種“放養”式態度,允許用戶在新系統中盡情探索,給新系統“掃雷”。雖然我們欣賞這種限制較少的開放態度,但這並不意味著我們不需要任何警告了。 Windows 10 Phone預覽版用戶請不要試圖卸載《Outlook郵件》與《Outlook日曆》應用,不論你們有多麼討厭漢堡菜單。 首先,系統內置的這兩款應用被刪除後並不會帶來老款《郵件》與《日曆》應用。其次被刪除了的《Outlook郵件》與《Outlook日曆》將無法重新安裝,除非重置手機。因此請大家謹慎操作。

source wmpu


COROLLA2003 2015-4-15 06:09

Windows Store not recognizing 1 GB devices properly in Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview

Some users are reporting that they are not able to download high end games which require 1 GB of RAM when running the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview, despite their devices, such as the Lumia 1320, having 1 GB RAM available.

Unfortunately it appears to be a legitimate bug, confirmed by Gabriel Aul from the Insider Program, but the good news is that Microsoft is working on a fix.

In my testing I have not run into the issue myself, so it appears that it is not affecting all devices equally.

Windows 10 Phone再現新Bug:應用商店無法識別1GB運存設備

有些Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版用戶報告稱他們無法在Windows Phone應用商店中下載需要1GB運存支持的大型遊戲,儘管他們的設備如Lumia 1320本身就搭載了1GB運存。 遺憾的是這似乎是一項官方承認的Bug ,Insider項目負責人Gabriel Aul今天發推確認了這個問題,但好消息是微軟正在解決該Bug 。

引用: (WP)應用商店當前無法識別1GB (運存)設備,我們正在著手修復該問題。— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) April 14, 2015


source wmpu


COROLLA2003 2015-4-17 07:25

Windows 10 for phones preview pulled for Lumia 520, 525 and 526

if you own a Lumia 520, 525 or 526 smartphone and have yet to download the new 10051 build of theWindows 10 for phones technical preview, you will find that it is no longer available. Microsoft has pulled it from circulation for those devices due to problems with rolling back to Windows Phone 8.1.

A number of users who own those three Lumia models have reported those smartphones were bricked when they rolled back to Windows Phone 8.1. They were using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool after installing the Windows 10 for phones preview. A Microsoft rep has confirmed those reports on the company's support forums and added:

"We are pausing build availability for these devices temporarily while we investigate the issue and work with customers who have reported problems."

Microsoft released the 10051 build of the Windows 10 for phones preview last week, along with a list of known issues with the build.

因為變磚,微軟暫時撤銷Lumia 520/525/526 WP10預覽版支持

如果你是Lumia 520, 525或526用戶,現在準備下載Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版Build 10051時會發現,Build 10051已不再提供。因為存在Windows Phone 8.1回滾問題,微軟已經撤銷了對這三部手機的支持。    這三部Lumia型號的許多用戶報告稱當他們回滾到Windows Phone 8.1時,導致這些智能手機變磚。在安裝了Windows 10 Phone預覽之後,他們使用Windows Phone恢復工具重新安裝操作系統。微軟代表已確認了問題報告並補充道:


微軟上週發布了Windows 10 Phone預覽版Build 10051,以及公佈了已知問題列表。

source wc


COROLLA2003 2015-4-17 20:57

有機會變磚!手機版 Win 10 Technical Preview 暫停支援部份 Lumia 機種

[url] http://unwire.hk/2015/04/17/win-10-technical-preview-pulled-for-part-of-lumia-models/mobile-phone/ [/url]


COROLLA2003 2015-4-21 07:47

Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview likely to become available for Lumia 520 owners again tomorrow

Last week Microsoft pulled the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview for the Lumia 52x range after multiple reports of the handsets being bricked when rolling back to Windows Phone 8.1

After some investigation Microsoft discovered the issue was slow flash storage on some handsets which meant they could not accept the WP8.1 re-install at the rate it was being offered.

Microsoft has now updated the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, and after a bit of a delay it appears the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview will once again be offered to Lumia 520 owners.

The head of the Windows Insider Program, Gabriel Aul, notes:

微軟:問題解決,WP10預覽版即將重新“接納”Lumia 520

上週在多名用戶反映稱自己的設備從Win10回滾至WP8 .1時變磚後,微軟從Windows 10 Phone預覽版支持機型列表中移除了Lumia 52x系的三款機型。 在經過一些調查後,微軟發現這些設備是因為閃存接收數據的速度過慢,跟不上官方刷機工具的數據寫入速度而變磚的。因此也隨即對Windows Phone Recovery Tool進行了更新,降低了鏡像文件的數據寫入速度。在經過一段緩衝測試時間後,似乎Windows 10 Phone技術預覽版又將重新接納Lumia 520用戶了。 Windows Insider項目負責人Gabriel Aul發推稱:“是的,我們相信在對Windows Phone Recovery Tool進行改進後,該問題已經得到解決,很快(很可能是明天)即將對Lumia 520重新開放Win10。

source wmpu

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