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Microsoft teases new products and services for Build  

Microsoft is planning to bring a range of new unseen products and services to next week's Build 2015 conference.

Bryan Biniak, General Manager of Developer Experiences at Microsoft, revealed today during a power briefing at the IFA 2015 Global Press Conference that the company's senior executives will all be in San Francisco for what Biniak is calling the most important event in Microsoft's recent history.

For the past few years, Build has traditionally been where Microsoft announces its new OS and products. This year, Windows 10 is expected to be the hot topic at Build 2015 and based on Biniak's talk, we'll be seeing a range of new devices - mobile, tablet and PC included - at the event.

One of the other products expected to be talked about at Build is HoloLens, Microsoft's first entry into the Augmented Reality market. Lumia is also likely to be high on the list - and who knows? We may even see that new flagship Lumia - while we're also likely to learn more information about new features on Cortana, Xbox and a lot more.

We'll bring you more information as we have it!

微軟高管透露:Build 2015將公布一系列全新產品和服務

在下周召開的 Build 2015 開發者大會上,微軟預計將公布一系列全新的的產品和服務。微軟開發者體驗總經理 Bryan Biniak 今天在 IFA 2015年全球新聞發布會上透露,該公司的高管們將齊聚舊金山,參加微軟近期歷史上的最重要的一次活動。

在過去的幾年,Build 大會歷來都是微軟宣布新版本操作系統和新產品的一次契機。預計今年的 Build 大會上 Windows 10 將是大家關注的熱門話題,而據 Biniak 所說,我們還將看到一系列新設備——手機、平板電腦和個人電腦。    

而  HoloLens 必將是 Build 2015 的重頭戲,標志著微軟開始涉足增強現實市場。Lumia 也會是大家關注的目標之一,我們甚至可能看到新的旗艦 Lumia,除此之外我們還有機會了解 Cortana 、Xbox 等產品和服務的新特性和新信息。

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全平台可用:微軟官方應用《Build 2015》上線,內容一手掌握

Build 2015開發者大會近在眼前(將於2015年4月29日- 5月1日在美國舊金山舉行),屆時微軟將在Build 2015開發者大會上介紹更多有關Windows 10桌面版、Windows 10 Mobile、Xbox系列等相關信息,還將介紹到通用應用的開發戰略以及介紹應用商店的統一,進一步深入探究“移動優先,雲優先”的基本策略等等。但會議的主題是圍繞開發者展開,屆時應將放出新的SDK並對一些SDK進行一些詳細的介紹和講解,是不是尤為期待? 《Build 2015》是微軟出的一款官方應用,你可以使用該應用程序管理你的Build 2015個人議程,查看會話細節,提交會議的反饋,地圖查看互動場地和秀場等等。不過,首先你要先用已註冊Build 2015大會的微軟賬號進行登陸管理你的會議議程等一些信息。軟件功能特點:


Build 2015
[url] https://www.windowsphone.com/zh-tw/store/app/build-2015/efc8a22a-f132-4c58-b033-2223d2862e29 [/url]

[url] https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-build-2015/id986169614?mt=8 [/url]

[url] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.build [/url]

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Microsoft's Spartan tagline may be the 'browser for doing'

Later this year, Microsoft will release Spartan as the replacement to Internet Explorer and while the company has yet to announce the final name for the browser, the tagline for Spartan may be the 'browser for doing'.

The Redmond based company has recently registeredbrowserfordoing.com and appears to be actively building a webpage on that site. The tagline falls inline with the company's productivity theme and with the word 'browser' in the URL, it's quite obvious this is likely related to Spartan.

On Wednesday of this week, the company will be hosting its BUILD conference in San Francisco which means they could be preparing to announce the browser's final name along with this tagline.

Only time will tell if this tagline is accurate but so far, this is our first serious look at how the company may be positioning its replacement for IE when it releases the browser later this year.

BUILD大會微軟可能宣布斯巴達命名&品牌口號“browser for doing”

今年晚些時候,微軟將推出斯巴達瀏覽器以替換Internet Explorer,但目前微軟尚未宣布斯巴達瀏覽器的最終命名,而斯巴達瀏覽器的品牌口號可能就是“browser for doing”。     

微軟最近註冊了browserfordoing.com,似乎正在為網站開通網頁。而這一"品牌口號"也與微軟的生產力主題暗合, URL中出現的“browser”一詞很明顯與斯巴達瀏覽器直接相關。 微軟將於本週三在舊金山召開BUILD開發者大會,很可能會宣布斯巴達瀏覽器的最終名稱以及品牌口號。我們等待微軟揭曉品牌口號的確切內涵,這也是微軟首次公開斯巴達瀏覽器的定位。

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Microsoft to reveal new Developer Dashboard Preview at Build 2015

Back in 2014, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 – and the company will reveal more info on Windows 10 at Build 2015. The company’s annual developer conference is just a few days away – and thanks to our tipster, we now have some info for developers which Microsoft will likely reveal at Build this Wednesday.


Microsoft is planning to launch a new Developer Dashboard at Build. Thewindows.com domain now has a new subdomain, devx.windows.com which asks users to login and then the web page shows “Coming soon..” – this makes it clear that the company is indeed launching a new preview program for the Developer Dashboard. Here’s a screenshot of the app:

Now, we’ve some more info on the upcoming Dashboard Preview. Microsoft will separate the dashboard and submission processes for submitting Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. However, when Microsoft finishes the development of the new Dashboard Preview, you’ll be able to submit and manage your apps for Windows devices in one place.


Unlike the Windows Insider program, the Dashboard Preview will be available to all registered Windows developers once it launches. The Dashboard Preview won’t let you submit new apps or IAPs (In-App Purchases) just yet, however – for now, you will be able to view your account and your published apps on the upcoming Dashboard Preview.

Microsoft will launch the new dashboard “later this year” and the unified dashboard is where developers will go to submit and manage their apps – no matter which device types their apps are targeting.


Build 2015:微軟將為開發者推出新Dashboard Preview

微軟2014年推出Windows 10技術預覽版,Build 2015期間將透露更多有關Windows 10的消息。現在距離微軟的年度開發者大會只有幾天了,我們提前獲悉了一些新消息,這些消息將在周三的Build大會上正式公佈。微軟將在Build大會上為開發人員推出新的Developer Dashboard(開發人員控制面板)。現在windows.com網站出現了新的子域名:devx.windows.com,按要求登錄web頁面後顯示“很快……”——這說明微軟確實正在為Developer Dashboard推出新的預覽計劃。新應用的截圖: 對於即將到來的Dashboard Preview我們還有一些信息要與你分享。微軟將分離提交Windows Phone和Windows 8應用的控制面板和提交流程。當微軟完成新的Dashboard Preview後,您可以在同一個地方提交和管理你的Windows設備應用。     與Windows內部參與者計劃不同,Dashboard Preview一旦發布將對所有註冊的Windows開發人員開放。Dashboard Preview目前不會讓你提交新的應用或IAP (應用內購買),但可以在即將到來的Dashboard Preview裡查看您的賬戶和所發布的預覽版應用。微軟將在“今年晚些時候”推出新的開發人員控制面板,以及統一控制面板,無論針對哪些設備類型的應用,開發人員都可以在同一個控制面板上提交和管理應用。

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Microsoft rumored to announce Android apps support for Windows 10 at Build 2015

Microsoft may finally be ready to announce that Windows 10 devices like smartphones, tablets and PC will be able to run Android apps. The latest rumor claims that the reveal might be made this week at the company's Build 2015 developer conference in San Francisco.

This new report comes from long-time Microsoft journalist Paul Thurrott, who certainly has solid sources inside the company. Microsoft has apparently considered adding Android app support in Windows 10 for some time, but if Thurrott is correct it sounds like the company has decided to pull the trigger on this feature.

Assuming this is correct, there are still a lot of questions about how Windows 10 will offer Android app support. Microsoft will almost certainly have to create its own app store for Android on Windows 10 and it could also support other third-party Android stores like Amazon's.

While Windows 10 users might benefit in the short run with Windows 10 gaining access to hundreds of thousands of new apps. However, it remains to be seen if this will affect Microsoft's own universal app strategy for native Windows 10 apps.



該報導出自資深微軟記者Paul Thurrott,他在微軟內部擁有固定消息源。微軟顯然很早就開始考慮為Windows10添加Android應用支持了,如果Paul Thurrott報導屬實,說明微軟已做好實施Android戰略的充分準備了。



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Regexman 2015-4-29 19:50

希望只係支援原生支援或者只係Develop 層面嘅支援而唔係整個商店移植

Hochimnh 2015-4-29 21:20


Regexman 2015-4-29 21:24

[quote]原帖由 [i]Hochimnh[/i] 於 2015-4-29 09:20 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=415547175&ptid=24606363][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
似乎MS真係好進取地嘗試解決俾人話apps既問題。 [/quote]
引入And Market 會搞到windows 生態失衝,只係治標非治本,咁樣做後患會隨之而來

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New Windows 10 Mobile Pre-release emulator now available to download

[img] http://wmpoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/emulator.png [/img]

[img] http://wmpoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/emulator-2.png [/img]

Microsoft has just made available a new Windows 10 Mobile emulator for Visual Studio 2015 Preview developers. The emulator provides a virtualised environment in which developers can debug and test universal apps without a physical device, and in this latest version brings NFC support to the emulator to allow developers  to simulate NFC and make it possible to test and develop NFC/Proximity-enabled universal apps, including Host Card Emulator/NFC payments.

It also now supports a Mouse input mode to differentiate between mouse and single touch input. Simulated mouse input uses the physical mouse or trackpad on your Windows PC and the mouse input button on the emulator toolbar. This feature is useful if your app provides the user with an ability to utilize a mouse paired to their Windows 10 device to provide input.

To use the emulator you need Visual Studio 2015 Preview and Windows 10 Technical Preview installed and access to Hyper-V. 

download [url] https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=46893 [/url]

read more about it
[url] https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/mt162269.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 [/url]

微軟推出新Windows 10 Phone模擬器,預發布版本可供下載

微軟剛剛為Visual Studio 2015預覽開發人員發布了新的Windows 10 Mobile模擬器。模擬器提供了虛擬化的環境,開發人員不需要實體設備就可以調試和測試通用應用,最新版本模擬器帶來了NFC支持,開發人員可以測試和開發支持NFC /接近傳感器的通用應用,包括主機卡模擬器/ NFC支付。 模擬器現在也支持鼠標輸入模式,可區分鼠標和單點觸摸輸入。模擬鼠標輸入需要用到Windows PC的實體鼠標或觸摸板,以及模擬器工具欄上的鼠標輸入按鈕。這個特性某些時候相當有用,比如某些應用需要鼠標搭配Windows 10設備提供輸入才能實現某些功能。使用模擬器需要Visual Studio 2015預覽和Windows 10技術預覽版,以及正常訪問Hyper-V。

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