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COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 07:32

Microsoft’s Lumia strategy will increasingly mirror their Surface strategy

For Microsoft 2014’s Windows Phone strategy was a big failure, with a massive focus on the low end not paying off with any significant increase in market share.

By now we all know 2015 has been very different, with Microsoft “retrenching” from the market, cancelling  number of handsets and launching some very expensive flagship devices at the end of the year.

It seems, much like the Surface line, Microsoft’s current focus is on selling profitable products on the high end, rather than catering to the masses, a luxury they believe they can afford because Windows 10 Mobile is now an appendage of the large developer market for Windows 10, rather than a stand-alone ecosystem.

Microsoft’s chief evangelist Steve Guggenheimer confirmed as much, saying:

“We are sort of re-building so we will start high. New generation smartphones first and then you will see a scale overtime. I do not have a timeline for new range phones as of now. One step at a time and you can assume it to be logical for us to scale the Lumia line to other price points over time.”

Like the Surface line, Microsoft’s target is Apple’s lucrative margins and products.

“Lumia has stretched from really low end to medium to high. The truth of the matter (of introducing high-end costly phone) is that globally, the company that takes the most margin for phones is Apple. We want to put a little dent in that,” Guggenheimer said.

Panos Panay, who since October is in charge of engineering for all of Microsoft’s premium devices, reflected the same sentiment, saying in a recent interview:

“Yeah, right now, the Lumia line is exactly what it is. We have the Surface line, and we have every other device that the company makes. It really is about bringing them all together with a consistent feeling and making sure the experiences across Microsoft come to our customers.”

Guggenheimer also noted, like the Surface Pro line,  a focus on productivity, noting the app gap was not that relevant if you wanted to get work done.

“If you use the phone as a business tool, the way our phones work with Microsoft Office, the way it helps users create calendar and emails and all those things seamless is awesome,” he said, noting “…the unique Continuum feature makes you use your phone as your primary device. I can attach my phone to a keyboard or a mouse or a monitor and use it like a PC. It does the same work with the same output. For a country that is mobile first, the new phone offers a unique option to act as a personal computer.”

Steve felt the app gap would close itself naturally now Windows 10 Mobile was an universal app platform.

“… due to the universal app model (that) is to give developers good reasons to build experiences from PC to TV to phone. So if we just go to a developer and ask to make an app for phone, it becomes hard sometimes, but if you say please make an app for Windows that works on phones, tablets and PCs, that’s actually an easier conversation,” he said.

There are strong rumours that Microsoft is working on the so-called Surface phone which would be the embodiment of the movement to high end productivity by Microsoft. It of course remains to be seen if their success with Surface can be replicated in the smartphone market but it is clear that the same playbook is once again in action.


2014年,微軟Windows Phone策略無疑是失敗的,Windows Phone大規模集中在低端市場,而且並沒有顯著增加其市場份額。 現在我們已經看到2015年微軟開始全面改革,“收縮”市場,取消一批手機,並在今年年底推出一些非常昂貴的旗艦設備。 就像surface系列,微軟目前的重點是在高端市場銷售高利潤產品,而不是單純為了迎合大眾。微軟認為客戶會接受這些奢侈品,因為Windows 10 Mobile現在是大型Windows 10開發者市場的附屬,而不是一個獨立的生態系統。 微軟首席佈道者Steve Guggenheimer證實稱:

“我們正在重建,所以我們的起點會很高。你已經看到了新一代的智能手機上市,接下來還會有更多。對這些新系列手機我沒有具體的時間表,但會逐步到來。我們Lumia 系列的價位也會不同。”

和Surface 系列一樣,微軟將Lumia 定位為利潤豐厚的高端產品,就像蘋果的產品。

“Lumia 已從真正的低端擴展到中端和高端。事實上我們的高價位的高端手機已經在全球上市。蘋果是一家從手機上賺取了高利潤的公司,我們現在也想朝著這個方向發展。”Guggenheimer 表示。

自去年10月份以來Panos Panay 負責所有微軟高端設備的工程設計,在最近的一次採訪中他同樣表達了這種觀點:

“是的,現在Lumia 的定位逐漸清晰。回顧一下Surface 系列,和微軟所有的其他設備。如果把它們放在一起,你會有一種一致的感覺,我們要確保微軟以及全體客戶都會有這種體驗​​。”

Guggenheimer 還指出像Surface Pro 這類設備註重的是效率,而應用差距問題並不會影響生產力。

“如果你將手機作為一種商業工具,它可以運行微軟Office,可以幫助你創建日曆和電子郵件和文檔中之類的內容,整個過程棒極了。另外,獨特的Continuum 特性可以讓你的手機作為你的主要生產力設備。比如我可以把我的手機連上鍵盤、鼠標和顯示器,作為一部電腦來用,使用體驗也和電腦一樣。現在是移動優先的世界,新一代的手機也可以作為一種新選擇,替代個人電腦。”

Guggenheimer 認為應用差距問題會自行解決,因為Windows 10 Mobile 現在是一個通用應用平台。

“…通用應用模型可讓開發人員構建統一的體驗,從個人電腦到電視到手機。如果我們要求開發人員創建一款手機應用,有時會有難度,但如果說請創建一款Windows 應用,適用手機、平板電腦和個人電腦,他的態度會很積極。”

目前有個很流行的傳言,稱微軟正致力於打造所謂的Surface Phone,將其定位為一款高端生產力設備。當然這款所謂的Surface Phone能否實現還有待觀察,如果Surface的成功可以復製到Lumia智能手機市場,很明顯微軟完全可以參照Surface來推進Lumia。

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kenngpm 2015-12-14 15:34

貴精不貴多, 係一個吾錯的方向~

COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 15:43

[quote]原帖由 [i]鳳翼天翔[/i] 於 2015-12-14 02:01 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=431958128&ptid=25367864][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]

好事。只出旗艦。冇中低階。杜絕cheap精與窮L。 [/quote]
Surface 自己都有高中階。 只是無入門。

COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 15:46

[quote]原帖由 [i]kenngpm[/i] 於 2015-12-14 03:34 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=431963164&ptid=25367864][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
貴精不貴多, 係一個吾錯的方向~ [/quote]
全球手機巿埸委縮, 走精品對微軟可能有利。

FENFAY 2015-12-14 18:22


COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 18:42

[quote]原帖由 [i]FENFAY[/i] 於 2015-12-14 06:22 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=431972002&ptid=25367864][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
坐這山,望那山,一事無成. [/quote]
這玩法好過與其他系統鬥因為已很難鬥。 巿埸消費模式係手機娛樂玩樂為先。
往後, 要看其他廠會否繼續出入門機。否則巿佔必大插。 惡性影響uwp。 像香港,分分鐘WP 會消失, 唔會再有人出uwp


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Regexman 2015-12-14 21:53


COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 22:02

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會唔會暗示1020後繼會復活? [/quote]
未必, 因為當時微軟講過商務機無無需要咁高像素, 且傳聞的頂端生產力的surface phone 也只有1500~20M

COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 22:08

[quote]原帖由 [i]鳳翼天翔[/i] 於 2015-12-14 09:25 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=431982367&ptid=25367864][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]


買魚蛋的人肯定多過買 ... [/quote]
香港也主是入門機為主。 杜絕的話香港也未必再有本土uwp。

不過, 有機也有危, 因為手機不像平版或手電腦。 所以要鎖定目標用戶很重要。 不一定走精品就一定成功,因為微軟不是蘋果


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COROLLA2003 2015-12-14 22:22

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講就係咁講,其實iPhone亦唔係咩精品,大把學生╱阿嬸用。 [/quote]

nidotech 2015-12-15 16:53

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因為手機主流係玩樂娛悅,蘋果的營銷比誰也好。 [/quote]
ENTERTAINMENT根本唔駛咁勁既手機 (3D GAME例外),下一波應該係PRODUCTIVITY... 如果一部手機可以當哂電腦用,間間公司都只會出部手機比員工就搞掂... 其他乜Q都只係得個MON
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