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Nadella admits 1.7% WP market share is not sustainable, but hopes Xbox, Hololens and the Windows Store will get elite developers back

In an interview with Buzzfeed’s Mat Honan Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed some of the issues facing the company in the mobile sphere, in particular Microsoft’s low smartphone market share.

Nodding when Mat suggested 1.7% market share was not sustainable, Satya nevertheless said agreed that [color=Red]Microsoft needed to stay in the mobile operating system market, and said  they would not measure their success by just looking at market share of their devices, suggesting that even if users did not use any specific Microsoft product, there was still a wide range of other products they would use, even when those were on other platforms.[/color]

“Go back to what I said about the mobility of experience. If you think of this more like a graph, these [devices] are all nodes. Sometimes the user will use all of these devices … sometimes they’ll use only one or two of our devices and some other platforms — so be it. But we want to make sure that we are completing the experience across all of these devices,” he said.

Addressing the gap in developer interest, he admitted there was an issue, but said new platforms such as Hololens, Windows 10 on the Xbox and the new in your face Windows Store would attract back the “elite developers.”

[color=Red]Microsoft hoped to use the cloud to make user’s “mobile experience” mobile, traveling easy from device to device, whether they run a Windows OS or not.[/color]

From the video it is clear Nadella is a lot more excited about Hololens than Windows Mobile, but we hope that this time next year with the rumoured Surface phone he will be as enthusiastic about their mobile OS also.



在Buzzfeed的Mat Honan採訪中,微軟CEO Satya Nadella解釋了微軟在移動領域所面臨的問題,尤其微軟目前面臨較低的智能手機市場分額,這是微軟必鬚麵對的難題。 採訪中Mat提到WP市場分額僅有1.7%是不可持續時,納德拉表示同意,但同時又強調微軟需要在移動操作系統市場站穩腳跟。納德拉解釋稱目前他們不會通過比較設備的市場分額來衡量是否取得成功,也就是說即便用戶不使用任何一款特定的微軟產品,仍有大量其他的微軟產品可供選擇,而且在其他平台也有大量微軟產品。


納德拉又解釋了開發者對WP平台缺乏興趣,他承認這是個問題,但他表示一些新平台如HoloLens、運行Windows 10的Xbox以及新版Windows商店將吸引一些“精英開發者”回歸。 [color=Red]微軟還希望通過雲服務讓用戶的“移動體驗”更靈活,用戶可以在設備與設備間輕鬆切換,不管運行的是不是Windows系統。在視頻中,可以很清楚地看到納德拉對HoloLens要比對Windows 10 Mobile更加感興趣。[color=Red]我們也希望明年的這個時候傳聞的surface手機推出後,納德拉也能對移動操作系統更關心一些。

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[size=25px]做產品做到唔介意有冇人買的話,應該可以做到好有型,走精品路線,只賣俾die hard fans。[/size]

[size=25px]windows phone並唔係微軟主要業務。微軟一向都唔係靠windows phone搵食。[/size]... [/quote]

喜歡這樣的講法,亦請容許我的瘋狂想法:Microsoft近期走概念向,Continuum簡直是我的夢,Multi Desktop的實踐總算令我收貨,其他的電耗和重啟只是技術及時間問題。憑著Continuum這項壯舉,手機就有更大的未來;新意是我拿起手機的動機;獨特是我擁有的理由。


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2015 broke Windows Phone, but 2016 could make Windows Mobile

2015 was the year Windows Phone died.  Sales went down the toilet, most of Nokia’s ex-mobile division was fired, apps left the platform and even the OS’s biggest fans found it impossible to recommend the handsets to friends and family.

As a troll on r/WindowsPhone said “everyone is so sad here.”

2016 however holds the promise for a turn around. No, it will not be the “Year of Windows 10 Mobile” but it could very well be the Year of Windows 10, which due to Microsoft’s machinations is more or less the same the same thing.

Its likely Windows 10 will reach an installed base of 400-500 million PCs, creating the right environment for a gold rush of developers trying to flee supersaturated iOS and underpaying Android app stores.  Windows tablets are on the rise, and due to Microsoft pushing the Windows Store (more than 2.5 billion visits in 4 months and 6 times more engagement that Windows 8) this time there may actually be a market for Universal Windows Apps.

Microsoft is getting back to its productivity roots and going by rumours are designing Windows Mobile handsets specifically for enterprise (where they have a more than double-digit market share in Europe). Features like Continuum for Phones and Windows Hello are designed specifically for business. It remains to be seen how Windows phones can sell without a strong consumer push, but it seems likely as part of Microsoft’s strong enterprise push the company will do a lot of direct promotion and sales to businesses, setting Microsoft up as the new Blackberry.

And then, by the end of next year, having laid the foundation throughout 2016, Microsoft hopes to take on the iPhone with the much rumoured Surface phone, which will be squarely aimed at professionals and with features which Microsoft hopes will get those who would normally plunk down $700 for an iPhone look twice at a Windows phone.

Throughout 2015 we wrote stories of cancelled handsets, withdrawn apps, falling market share and disappointing flagships. In 2016 I hope to write exactly the reverse.

2015年Windows Phone倒下,2016年將是“Windows 10 Mobile之年”

2015年是Windows Phone衰落的一年。設備銷量跌入低谷,大部分的諾基亞前手機部門員工被解僱, ​​很多應用被踢出Windows Phone平台,即便那些最忠誠的Windows Phone粉絲也不願再向家人和朋友推薦Windows Phone手機。 網站r/Windows Phone如是說:“這裡是大家的傷心地”。 然而,2016年承載著微軟轉變的承諾。儘管2016年有可能不會成為“Windows 10 Mobile之年”,但很有可能成為“Windows 10之年”。在微軟的計劃中,這兩者其實是一樣的。 2016年Windows 10裝機量還將繼續上升,可能達到4到5億台,將為入駐Windows 10平台的開發者創造良好的環境,開發者將逐漸離開過度飽和的iOS平台和收益不佳的Android應用商店。另外Windows平板也正在崛起,微軟此時正在努力推進Windows商店(4個月超過25億訪問量,是Windows 8的6倍),這一次可能真正成為通用Windows應用市場。 微軟也正在回歸生產力公司的根本。傳聞也稱微軟正為企業用戶定制Windows 10 Mobile手機。像手機Continuum和Windows Hello這類功能就是專門為企業用戶打造的。當前Windows手機缺乏強大的消費者市場推動力,未來的發展程度如何還有待觀察。但微軟在企業市場的影響力將起到直接的推動作用,微軟的產品將會直接賣給企業用戶,微軟將會成為一家類似黑莓的企業。 再往後,到明年年底,在2016年所打造的基礎之上,微軟將憑藉傳聞的surface Phone與iPhone一決高下。這款手機將以專業用戶為目標,所配備的功能能讓那些準備花700美元買iPhone的用戶放棄計劃,轉而購買這部Windows Phone。 在整個2015年,我們發布過許多手機被取消、應用被撤下、市場分額下滑以及令人失望的旗艦機的消息。我們希望2016年這些消息來個反轉。 

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