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Is Microsoft’s cellular data service laying the groundwork for the Surface Phone?

If you needed any more reasons to look forward to a Surface Phone in the future, then look no further. The recent announcements of both theCellular Data app and the Microsoft SIM card should be raising an entire parade’s worth of red flags for those that have been looking for some hope as to the future of Microsoft’s fabled Surface Phone.

The Cellular Data app appeared with little to no warning on the Microsoft Windows Store, and is sitting there without much use at the moment. You can download it onto your Windows 10 PC, and get some instructions on how to use it, but you won’t be able to do anything with it unless you’ve got Transatel’s Microsoft SIM card – which isn’t available yet.

The basic idea of this app is something that’s pretty exciting for anyone who treats their Surface like a tablet and likes to use it while they’re on the go. Essentially, once a device has the Microsoft SIM card, it can connect to a cellular network – you can then pay on the spot for the data you intend to utilize, using only your Microsoft account. No binding contracts, no being stuck to a restrictive provider’s rules – just paying for what you need. In short, the Cellular Data app will let your Windows 10 device connect to the internet when you’re on the go, just like your phone can.

This is nothing short of a revolutionary concept, really. Sure, you’ve been able to use your laptop outside of a WiFi area before using Hotspots, but you’re still eating up the data given to you by the company with whom you’re contractually bound for your wireless service. By offering that sort of freedom to Windows 10 users, Microsoft not only breaks ground on a new business, but also makes an absolutely monumental selling point for Surfaces (presuming they’re the only devices that are capable of taking this SIM card.) Imagine: You’re on the fence about picking up a Surface – they’re just laptops with a few new tricks, right? If someone then tells you that you can pick up your Surface on a bus ride, or any building without WiFi, you’d most definitely be taking the Surface a whole lot seriously.

We don’t know when these SIM cards are going to be available, or if we’re even going to be able to put them in our pre-existing Windows 10 devices – it’s probably a safe bet that this is going to be possible, lest Microsoft gain the ire of those who just dropped over $2000 on a Surface Book. We do know, however, that some future Windows 10 devices are going to be shipping with this SIM card built right in – making Microsoft’s new cellular initiative less of a fun novelty in the backstreets of the Microsoft Windows Store, and more of a proudly presented feature.

If this isn’t laying the groundwork for a Surface Phone, then I can’t really imagine what is. A short while back, we covered a story where Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela spoke about how they wanted to create a mobile equivalent to the Surface – something that made users say “Oh, that’s a real shock or that’s a real breakthrough.” This seems like exactly the kind of breakthrough that Microsoft has been looking for – something that flirts between the lines of tablet and mobile phone, just like they flirted between the lines of laptop and tablet when the original Surface first came out. You’d all do well to keep your eyes firmly planted on the Cellular Data app, because we most certainly will be.


為Surface Phone鋪路?聊一聊神秘的《Cellular Data》應用

如果你需要更多的理由來說服自己去期待一下傳說中的surface   Phone,那麼現在看起來不遠了。近期微軟帶給我們的《Cellular Data》(移動蜂窩數據)應用和”Microsoft SIM card”(微軟SIM卡)難道不應該讓那些對Surface Phone滿懷希望的同學們血脈賁張嗎? 在微軟Windows商店上架的《Cellular Data》應用沒有顯示任何注意事項,並且僅僅是佔了個位置而已,目前為止還沒有什麼實際用處。你可以把它下載到你的Windows 10 PC上,然後會得到一些關於如何使用該應用的指導。但是在你獲得一張Transatel的微軟SIM卡之前,你做不了任何事情,更重要的是,你現在連這張SIM卡都無法獲取! 對於那些把他們的Surface當平板使用並且喜歡隨身攜帶移動辦公的人們,上述《Cellular Data》的出發點是非常有趣的。值得注意的是,當一台設備內置了微軟SIM卡之後,它就可以連接到移動蜂窩網絡,然後通過用戶的微軟賬戶,他們可以就地購買需要使用的數據流量。沒有綁定的合約,沒有惱人的運營商規定,只需要去為你需要的付款就好了。簡而言之,當你在處於移動環境中時,《Cellular Data》應用可以讓你的Windows 10設備像手機那樣連接到互聯網。 要說明一個革命性的概念確實需要費點口舌。確實,即使不通過熱點,你早已能夠在WiFi無法覆蓋的地方使用你的筆記本(3G或者LTE網絡),但是你仍然在使用和你在無線服務上有著合約性綁定的公司的流量。通過給予Windows 10用戶上述自由,微軟不僅僅開創了新的業務板塊,而且還為Surface帶來了里程碑式的宣傳賣點(假設它們是唯一能夠使用微軟SIM卡的設備)。想像一下:你正在購買Surface與否的抉擇邊緣,在你看來,這只是一台稍有特色的筆記本。但是如果有人告訴你可以在公交上使用你的Surface,或者在其他任何沒有WiFi覆蓋的建築裡,你可能就會仔細考慮一下這個系列的產品了。 我們不知道什麼時候微軟SIM卡將會來臨,也不知道我們是否能夠在現有的Windows 10設備上使用微軟SIM卡(不過最好是這樣,否則微軟將會激怒那些花了一大筆錢購買Surface Book的用戶)。但是,我們可以確定的是,將來售賣的Windows 10設備將會內建這張SIM卡,這樣微軟就可以隱匿這項網絡服務的本質轉而僅僅把該特性作為一個值得驕傲的賣點。 如果這不是在為Surface Phone打基礎的話,實在是想不出這些舉措究竟是為了乾什麼。不久之前,微軟的CMO (首席營銷官) Chris Capossela談到他們希望為Surface創造一個平等的移動環境,這就讓用戶可以大呼”哇,那真是讓人震驚。”或者”那真是一項突破。”現在看來,這就是微軟一直在尋求的突破。這就像在平板和手機之前起舞,恰似當年微軟推出Surface系列時不也是在筆記本和平板之間跳躍嗎? 要是你很關心這件事情的話,大家還是緊緊盯著《Cellular Data》這款應用,當然我們也會一路跟進。

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