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pbd456 2018-6-17 22:04

Here is a relatively cheap way to turn a vacation into keeping *A gold.

First, it is important to qualify for A3 *G at the right time of the year. since it doesnt use calendar year.

Let say one qualify on Oct 15 as an example. The status will be value till Oct 15 of the year after.

One way to re qualified is to earn 12000 status miles + 4 A3 segments or 24000 status miles.

From HKG, SK has A fare (premium economy to Europe) and it can be less than 9K (not sure if they have sale since i dont really do this myself).

The important thing is to book the outbound before oct 15, and the inbound after 15. [Assuming one take a vacation in Europe]

Then while in Europe, monitor fare sale on Aeagen airlines and book tickets from Europe to Greece (intra Greece) and greece back to Europe.  you want to do 4 segments of A3 before Oct 15 and 4 segments of A3 after Oct 15.

Since there are so many greece islands (and I like going to Islands in general). it will take a long time to visit them all.

As SK A class earns 200% miles on A3, the bound on the premium economy will get over 11400 A3 miles and the 4 A3 segments (no matter how cheap they are), will bring on over 12000 A3 miles for the first year.

basically one (relatively cheap) long haul ticket + 8 sectors in A3 (can be the lowest booking class) is sufficient for 2 years of star allaince gold.

I cant think of any other program that can keep *G so easily.

Unfortunately, I had my A3 *G back in 2011 and when they changed the program that require re qualification
back in 2015.  The set the requalification date to Nov 25 of the year.  I can travel around both before
Nov 25 and after Nov 25.  Otherwise, it is a foolproof way to keep it without worrying about fare.

Sajid 2018-6-17 22:20

其實之前版友討論過,for example,
HKG ARN (EUR),之後再 (EUR) ATH (SKG) ,呢 D segment 加埋最少 10000 蚊就可以qualify star gold,
抵既,不過大前提你有 24000 + 48000 miles for qualifying

pbd456 2018-6-17 22:58

[quote]原帖由 [i]Sajid[/i] 於 2018-6-17 10:20 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=482203493&ptid=27516633][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
其實之前版友討論過,for example,
HKG ARN (EUR),之後再 (EUR) ATH (SKG) ,呢 D segment 加埋最少 10000 蚊就可以qualify star gold,
抵既,不過大前提你有 24000 + 48000 miles for qualifying ... [/quote]

1 round trip in a class plus 4 sectors is 24000 miles plus 4 sectors.   

my suggestion is to use inbound and outbound for 2 years. I did 4 sectors a3 twice. I think I paid less than far less down 200 USD (I didn't choose the cheapest already as I had to position to LCA to fco for another deal.) so the annual cost should be less than 800usd. I saw some very cheap fare to and from tlv. 50 euro for 3 sectors before but I can't get it to work. some fare allow double connect in ath LCA

pbd456 2018-6-17 23:06

this is probably the worst case scenario for me as I typically have other trips to requalify.

having requalified till Nov 19 now and have 1500 status miles in Dec this year plan (due to kq cancelled hkg BKK and rebooked to tg)

there are tricks to get 2k to 3k eqm from redeeming award ticket (that posted as full Y) and I have plan to go back to Greece in summer 2019 for 4 a3 sectors 2k.  really need to think about way to get 5-6k only.

so intra Europe a class has minimum 1200 per sector.  one can double connect at both CPh and arn for 3600 per one direction. it is really not difficult an doesn't cost much money to keep a3.

TP1095 2018-6-18 09:11

[quote]原帖由 [i]Sajid[/i] 於 2018-6-17 10:20 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=482203493&ptid=27516633][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
其實之前版友討論過,for example,
HKG ARN (EUR),之後再 (EUR) ATH (SKG) ,呢 D segment 加埋最少 10000 蚊就可以qualify star gold,
抵既,不過大前提你有 24000 + 48000 miles for qualifying ... [/quote]

其實要有 24000 Miles 絕對唔難,飛兩轉 HKG-SIN-SYD on T Class 都已經 28030 Miles 啦。
問題係對我哋 ex-SYD 的 Customers,絕對唔公平囉,去到咁遠去賺 *G

pbd456 2018-6-18 11:07

[quote]原帖由 [i]TP1095[/i] 於 2018-6-18 09:11 AM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=482223714&ptid=27516633][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]

其實要有 24000 Miles 絕對唔難,飛兩轉 HKG-SIN-SYD on T Class 都已經 28030 Miles 啦。
問題係對我哋 ex-SYD 的 Customers,絕對唔公平囉,去到咁遠去賺 *G [/quote]

life is never fair. people in Australia earns so much money. do they want the same income as Greece?

pbd456 2018-6-18 14:14

There are plenty of ways to generate very cheap *A status miles.

Here is one trick that I used a lot many years ago and I believe it still work on UA and (also star alliance gold member as reported by others).

example. UA had fare on NYC - PDX round trip for 120 USD.
I booked about 7 trips and most of the trips would fly via IAH.

LGA IAH PDX IAH LGA costs 120 USD and flies 6500 miles, so 1k would earn 13000 UA miles and 6500 status miles.

IF you think it is done, well. it isnt as it can be improved much further.

say PDX IAH LGA.  which costs 60 USD and woiuld earn 6500 UA miles.
fly PDX IAH. At IAH, use UA applied to check-in again.  UA offers UA gold and above a utility called same day confirmed which allows people to change flight.
the app is only good for changing 1 segment to 2 segment.

so I can use the app to change it to IAH DEN LGA. 

then I flew IAD DEN, and repeat the same process on DEN.
due to time constraint, I was forced to pick DEN-IAD-LGA.

flew to IAD, and then since I needed to go JFK.  I went to the gate and asked to confirmed on JFK flight instead of LGA flight. and it was posted as full Y fare for the sector. IAD - JFK.

even ignoring the last sectors.

because of 500 miles minimu, this is 4600 status miles (A3 also gives 500 miles minimum) for same cost. (picked up 1200 status miles for free).
(it is possible to credit everything to A3)

a more dramatic example.

I did a massive mileage run. one of the inbound is
BEY KWI IAD IAH BOS. on multiple days.
on the last day I was supposed to do IAH BOS
I did SDC on IAH DEN BOS. 
when I arrived DEN, I SDC to DEN IAH BOS.
so i generated an extra IAH DEN IAH for NO cost.
i could probably SDC even more but I had to arrive in BOS to pick up next ticket
BOS IAH again!

*A G is really not hard or expensive if you have enough tools.  of course, there are other tricks too once one have done this kind of things for years.

Sajid 2018-6-19 02:14

曾生冇A3 segment 可以跑韓亞,都係唔錯既選擇,詳情我唔講太多啦

pbd456 2018-6-19 07:23

the other thing is that for many fare that I fly a3 gives more miles than oz. also a3 has 500 min for many airlines. it makes earning miles easier when the goal is 12000. there was one year that I flew to south Korea for Christmas holiday. I did hkg dlc pek icn for 3 sectors in discount economy, the accrual rate is 50% but there is also 500 sector minimum. so a short sector like dlc pek is still 500 of 12000 that I needed.

Sajid 2018-6-19 18:34

韓亞既 earning 搭中價既 Miles 係ok 既,such as  PEY ,當然 SAS plus PEY 只俾 125% in A3 compared to 200% in OZ,

不過如果其他航空公司既 PEY,Such as SQ LH BR,大家都係100% ,如果以曾生既習慣想儲 *A gold 就 OZ 岩佢多 d

kirstyu2 2018-6-19 19:06

OZ坐discounted J. Booking class U 只有100% mile,要留意一下

pbd456 2018-6-19 22:37

I fly very few now on paid ticket on star alliance as there are far more deals on oneworld.

if I do go back to star alliance, I may move to tk.  tk has quite a few sale from time to time.

unlike oz or a3, tk gives upgrade vouchers to the highest tier elite .  (beyond star gold). paid business class earns 175% and with sale like pvg to NYC for less than 2k via its and picking up a lot of status miles and use the upgrade voucher on cheapest discount y ticket is the way to go for me.

however, I fly so little on star alliance now and it doesn't make sense to bother earning upgrade vouchers since I am struggling to use my aa system wide already. (I booked all my long haul travel till Feb next year and I still have 3 unused upgrades expiring in Jan 19).  

my cost basis for me aa upgrade is so low that spending extra cash to fly star alliance is plain silly.  (aa eqd can be get around by flying partners)

Sajid 2018-6-20 00:35

A3 gold 都有冇 upgrade voucher 啊?不過就算有都冇用,飛太近啦

pbd456 2018-6-20 01:02

a3 gold has upgrade vouchers, but i have never used them.
(there are also a bunch of benefits in Greece but i am too cheap to make use of them)

1) it wont work on the cheapest booking class. [i just try to fly 4 sectors at the lowest cost possible]
2) as you said, the flight is too short
3) with star gold, i dont really care about day time flight in Y or J as star gold has lounge/priority check-in. 
it is only a few hours and if i am not sleepy, i can just stay awake and do something to kill time.

johnjohnho 2018-6-21 14:15

低價拿 a3 gold, 無左尼支歌仔唱好耐了

pbd456 2018-6-25 12:37

[quote]原帖由 [i]johnjohnho[/i] 於 2018-6-21 02:15 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=482412272&ptid=27516633][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
低價拿 a3 gold, 無左尼支歌仔唱好耐了 [/quote]

it is still okay now. not as cheap as I did, obviously. but still reasonable. I would do tk now to start. buy star gold from someone and then requalified

minchi1219 2018-6-25 12:47

I’m thinking back to SA ...
Still looking which program is suitable for me...
Cheapest method of coz is a good point!!!

pbd456 2018-6-25 13:23

[quote]原帖由 [i]minchi1219[/i] 於 2018-6-25 12:47 PM 發表 [url=http://www.discuss.com.hk/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=482637436&ptid=27516633][img]http://www.discuss.com.hk/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
I’m thinking back to SA ...
Still looking which program is suitable for me...
Cheapest method of coz is a good point!!! [/quote]

It depends on what type of fare u typically fly.

use wheretocredit.com to check

pbd456 2024-6-11 20:04

疫情過後 好好彩地愛琴海航空自動續期幾年星空聯盟金卡 到2022年11月
等咗好多年 終於可以飛SK 嘅premium economy 好可惜已經由200%減到150%
我最有興趣係 將呢張機票 去程同回程 分開兩年飛 就算係150個percent 都可以接近12000裡 只要當我喺歐洲嘅時候飛多四程愛琴海航空 就可以保持金卡
所以喺歐洲嘅時候飛咗愛琴海航空 最後亦成功 用呢張機票 加八個sector嘅埃及海航空 保持星空聯盟金卡兩年 每年大概600至700蚊美金 因為需要300多美金 才能夠飛到四程 其中我係需要用愛琴海航空 去position 我需要去的地方

眾所週知 SK 將會離開星空聯盟 所以呢個方法已經不再適合

仲有愛琴海航空 已經取消咗若果唔飛四程愛琴海航空的話 只係需要24000裡程就能補給 而家係需要七萬 即係對大部分人來說 每年需要飛四程愛琴海航空 是可以只係飛12000裡 才能補住星空聯盟的金卡

啱啱四月喺歐洲嘅時候 中咗三百多美金 去飛四程 但係四情只係拿到2000多你 另外出咗一張copa 機票有2000裡 而家仲爭七千多 要喺今年11月前飛

好好彩 喺亞洲有便宜的方法
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