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但國內唔會講“請聯絡本人”,雖然字典有 [/quote]


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中國人英語唔好  要學習  理所當然
但中國人中文不咋的    亂講中文  亂教中文  :smile_39:


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政府公函私人公司信件,我未見過用聯絡 [/quote]


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依d唔關見識事,關留心,關觀察的事 [/quote]

Can I trust you?:loveliness:

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依d唔關見識事,關留心,關觀察的事 [/quote]


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用百度搜“請聯絡”,結果絕大多數是“請聯繫”, “請聯絡”廖廖可數,而且全部是外資公司

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把ghosted翻成“斷絕與我們聯絡”,明顯是直譯ghosted字典的英文解釋, 中文唔會咁表達,如果閣下真係讀過翻譯,就真係...

仲有,國內中文唔會講聯絡,是聯繫 ... [/quote]
But why is this? While discussing your wealth feels perfectly appropriate in some parts of the world, why does it seem like nobody in Stockholm is proud of being rich?

[b]The concept of [i]Jantelagen[/i][/b]
Lola Akinmade Åkerström, an author on Swedish culture who’s been living in Stockholm for more than a decade, says talking about money is “a very uncomfortable subject” in Sweden. She argues that boasting about wealth – or even discussing a moderate salary with a stranger – is such a taboo that many Swedes would actually feel “more comfortable talking about sex and bodily functions”.


It is a view shared by Stina Dahlgren, a 28-year-old Swedish journalist who spent several years living in the US. “Over in the States, when you say that you're earning a lot of money, people are cheering for you and they say: ‘good for you, good work’. But over here in Sweden, if you say that you have a good salary... people think you're weird,” she says. “You don’t ask about salaries, you don't ask about money.”

Many cultural commentators agree that a large part of the taboo can be explained by a deep-rooted Nordic code called [i]Jantelagen[/i], which promotes the idea of never thinking you are better than anyone else and calling out those who break this norm.


“Jantelagen is an unspoken societal rule that exists here in Sweden and a lot of the Nordics,” explains Akinmade Åkerström, who explores the topic in her book Lagom: The Swedish Secret of Living Well. “It’s about not being too flashy, not bragging unnecessarily, and it's a way of kind of keeping everybody – for the most part – equal... to remove sources of stress within group settings.”


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用百度搜“請聯絡”,結果絕大多數是“請聯繫”, “請聯絡”廖廖可數,而且全部是外資公司 [/quote]

You're right!
外國人中文比中國人中文好 :smile_30:

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用百度搜“請聯絡”,結果絕大多數是“請聯繫”, “請聯絡”[b][size=4][color=#ff0000]廖廖可數[/color][/size][/b],而且全部是外資公司 [/quote]

Did you count? :smile_41:
How many were there?

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識跳入去意思是你要完全明白原文的意思,識跳返出黎意思是你不可以俾原文牽著鼻子走,擺脫唔到原文例如英文的 表達方式,用中文的表達方式表達出來 ... [/quote]

Can you show us what you've got?:smile_41:
Please translate the other paragraphs into Chinese and let us learn from you. ;P
Otherwise, we take it as ...:smile_30::smile_30::smile_30:
Crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon :smile_35:

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But why is this? While discussing your wealth feels perfectly appropriate in some parts of the world, why does it seem like nobody in Stockholm is proud of being rich?
點解會咁嘅?有啲地方,談論財 ... [/quote]


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消聲匿跡   (XXX)
銷聲匿跡   (OK)


臥虎蔵龍  不同凡響

11645233 [/quote]
ghost 作動詞用時,或可解「放飛機」

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列:Don't ghost me. 不要放我飛機。

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Jantelagen – which translates to The Law of Jante in English – takes its name from a rule-abiding town called Jante which featured in a fictional book by Norwegian-Danish author Aksel Sandemose in 1933. But Dr Stephen Trotter, a Scottish-Norwegian academic who wrote about the concept while he was working at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, says its sentiment has existed in the Nordics – especially in rural areas – for centuries.

Jantelagen 譯成英文為「Jante 之法律」。1933年,有位Norwegian Danish作家叫Aksel寫了本小說,內容以奉公守法的市鎮Jante作為故事背景,因而取名稱Jantelagen。但Stephen博士稱,他在Glasgow大學工作時,曾寫了有關這概念的文章,並認為它已在Nordics領域內,尤其在鄕郊,存在過百年了。

Jantelagen(詹特拉根)(英語翻譯為Jante法則),其名稱取自一個名為Jante的守規鎮,該鎮在1939年由挪威丹麥作家Aksel Sandemose撰寫的一本虛構小說中作了介紹。但是,Stephen Trotter博士是蘇格蘭-挪威學者當他在蘇格蘭格拉斯哥大學工作時寫了關於這個概念的文章,他說北歐人的這種觀念已經存在了數百年,尤其是在農村地區。

“Jantelagen is a mechanism for social control,” he argues. “It’s not just about wealth, it’s about not pretending to know more than you do or acting above your station.”


他說:「詹特拉根是社會控制的一種機制。」 「這不僅與財富有關,還在於不假裝比自己了解更多或在車站上方行事。」

As a shorthand for celebrating modesty and humbleness, Jantelagen is not dissimilar to tall poppy syndrome, a popular term in Australia and New Zealand that embraces putting down those who are showy about their wealth or status. In Scotland people talk of the ‘crab mentality’ – a way of thinking that nods to a crab trying to escape from a bucket, yet being pulled back by its fellow hostages. “You could say that Scandinavia just found a buzzword that fits and sums it up better than anyone else,” says Trotter.

Jantelagen 表示稱讚樸素及謙虛的縮寫,是不有別於「高罌栗症」的(奧洲人用以貶低招耀財富或地位的手法)。蘇格蘭人講「蚌蟹心理」,說的思維是向一隻想逃脫水桶卻又被仇敵同瞭拉回去的蟹點頭。「你可說Scandinavia剛找到比任何人合適及總結好些的時尚代名詞,」Trotter說。

作為慶祝謙虛謙遜的簡寫,揚泰拉根與高罌粟綜合症沒什麼不同,高罌粟綜合症在澳大利亞和新西蘭很受歡迎,它包含了壓制那些對自己的財富或地位艷麗的人的態度。在蘇格蘭,人們談論「 螃蟹心態」,一種思維方式是向螃蟹點點頭,試圖從水桶中逃脫,但卻被其人質拖了回去。Trotter說:「您可以說斯堪的納維亞半島剛發現一個流行詞,它比其他任何人都更適合和概括它。」

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閱讀英文文章,腦海中好像明白,但要write to express it black and white,又是另一種境界!

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Jantelagen – which translates to The Law of Jante in English – takes its name from a rule-abiding town called Jante which featured in a fictional book by Norwegian-Danish author Aksel Sand ... [/quote]

[color=#808080]practice makes perfect![/color]
[color=#808080]So I continue the translating work.[/color]

Yet he also points out that the way Jantelagen plays out in Sweden and other Nordic societies is linked to specific cultural norms in those nations.

“You can chat about your cabin in the woods and getting underfloor heating and a patio. People [are] not surprised by that – that is a common idea in the Nordics and a lot of people have a second home here,” he argues. “But to say you’d spent the same money on two Lamborghinis – you would probably get a bit laughed at!"

Akinmade Äkerstöm argues that while Sweden has fought hard to maintain a global image as a classless social democracy, many Swedes still surround themselves with people in similar income brackets. This, she says, means that the rules of [i]Jantelagen [/i]can therefore shift depending on the company; bragging is more acceptable among those with similar backgrounds.

allwork 2020-9-28 10:24 AM

“Behind closed doors with others of the same socio-economic status, they [richer people] are more comfortable. They can talk about their summer homes or their cars with everybody on the same level.”


Back in Östermalm, Andreas Kensen, 33, who doesn’t live in the area but is spending the afternoon visiting its smart boutiques, agrees that Jantelagenis contextual. “I would definitely tell my friends that we've been out travelling or, you know, show it off on Instagram or Facebook. But it’s nothing I would tell a stranger I just met,” he explains.

返翻去Östermalm,33歲的Kensen不是住在該區,但會花整個下午逛這處巧妙的精品店;他認同Jantelagenis會受情景影響的。他解釋:「我肯定會同朋友講我們正外出旅行,或者,你知啦,會透過Instagrm或Facebook 炫耀一翻。但不會同剛遇見的陌生人講任何事,」

A vocal backlash


However, growing numbers of young, successful Swedes are starting to criticise Jantelagen, and calling for a more vocal conversation about wealth and success.


These include Nicole Falciani, 22, who began earning money from blogging as a teenager and is now a major influencer, with 354,000 followers on Instagram. At a glamorous wedding-themed jewellery shoot at an out-of-town allotment cafe, she doesn’t bat an eyelid when asked to tell us her typical fee: around $20,000 per campaign. It’s money she mostly spends on designer bags and travel, having bought a city centre apartment at the age of 20.


allwork 2020-9-29 10:05 AM

“I would love it if Jantelagen would disappear, because I think that would be so much better for everyone living here... Our society would be much more open if we could talk about money,” she argues. “It's quite a nice thought that everyone should be equal and that we are all the same. But it doesn't work, because if you're working harder than anyone else, then you should be proud of it.”

Cornelius Cappelen, an associate professor in comparative politics at the University of Bergen in Norway, believes the rise of social media is behind the youth backlash against Jantelagen. He argues that blogging and video-blogging in particular support the kind of “rampant individualism” that promotes standing out from the crowd, which has, until recently, been far less prevalent in Nordic countries than other western nations, particularly the US.

“More and more people use the term [Jantelagen] as an abuse – especially many young people explicitly claim that they hate the mentality,” he argues.


[color=#ff0000]“For me humbleness is really important, and the thing I like in Sweden is that with Jantelagen it’s not that important, those material things.”[/color]

Due to limited time, so many contents are omitted!

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allwork 2020-9-30 11:03 AM

Refer to reply#83, do you have a better translation for the sentence in red ?

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Refer to reply#83, do you have a better translation for the sentence in red ? [/quote]


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你用廣東話翻譯? [/quote]

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輪大碩士仔 2020-9-30 05:41 PM

There is a professional qualification for translation: CIOL. You may treat it as a target for improving your translation skill.

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肺話達人 2020-9-30 10:12 PM

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*** 作者被禁止或刪除 內容自動屏蔽 ***

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There is a professional qualification for translation: CIOL. You may treat it as a target for improving your translation skill. [/quote]
To be honest, I just translating something as a game for amusement according to my sense!

material the word has an another meaning: important.
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