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土耳其 伊斯坦堡 : 貓之都






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見到D貓咁 ....... 心痛流淚


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如果人們不給餵食, 雪地的貓貓生活好困難。

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土耳其 人愛貓全球之冠。
看來,土耳其 伊斯坦堡 這城巿 是沒有流浪貓


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RE: 雪地上的貓貓那處來
Updated Date : 10.12.2023

In the story of Istanbul, you can see how cats and dogs are just like part of the city's everyday life. In Istanbul, cats and dogs are everywhere you look. People make sure to feed them every day, showing kindness to these animals in various corners of the city.

 Tourists are drawn to the cats and dogs of Istanbul. The city has a lot of cats, and even though the exact number isn't known, it's more than 130 thousand. These adorable animals can be spotted in mosques, on windowsills, at restaurants, bus stops, and even inside buildings. The cats of Istanbul create a unique and memorable experience for tourists exploring the vibrant city.

Cats and Dogs at Touristic Places in Istanbul

It is possible to see all stray animals on Istanbul’s touristic corner. Firstly, you can find cats at Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. These mosques’ cats are famous. The cats in these mosques attract people's attention. The cats here also endear themselves to people. You can take photo and you can pet them from close to you.  Grand Bazaar is the another one of favourite place of stray animals. The shopkeepers there provide them with food and water. You can also find them in front of restaurants waiting for food.

While it's often said that cats have nine lives, there are some feline legends that seem to defy time altogether. Take Tombili, for example, the renowned cat honored with a statue in Istanbul, ensuring its enduring presence in the city's tales. Tombili, just like many other stray cats in Istanbul, had a special charm. The way this cat sat brought smiles to everyone who saw it. Tombili, a favorite among tourists, is now an internet sensation with funny pictures circulating widely. Its charming poses have brought joy to people worldwide.

In conclusion, Istanbul stands out as a pet-friendly city, embodying a unique blend of hospitality and affection towards its numerous stray cats and dogs. The coexistence of these animals within the city's iconic landmarks and touristic spots not only adds to the cultural richness but also captures the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. From the famous cats at Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque to the heartwarming tales of beloved Tombili, Istanbul's furry residents have become an integral part of the city's narrative, creating lasting memories and bringing smiles to those who encounter them. The compassion shown towards these animals reflects a broader culture of kindness and warmth, making Istanbul a truly special destination for animal lovers worldwide. With an Istanbul E-pass you can explore Istanbul with it's details.

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在伊斯坦堡的故事中,你可以看到貓和狗就像這座城市日常生活的一部分。 在伊斯坦布爾,貓和狗隨處可見。 人們每天都會給它們餵食,在城市的各個角落表達對這些動物的善意。

  遊客被伊斯坦堡的貓和狗所吸引。 這個城市有很多貓,儘管具體數量不詳,但已經超過13萬隻。 這些可愛的動物可以在清真寺、窗台、餐廳、公車站甚至建築物內看到。 伊斯坦堡的貓為探索這座充滿活力的城市的遊客創造了獨特而難忘的體驗。


在伊斯坦堡的旅遊角可以看到所有流浪動物。 首先,你可以在聖索菲亞大教堂和藍色清真寺找到貓。 這些清真寺的貓很有名。 這些清真寺裡的貓引起了人們的注意。 這裡的貓也深受人們喜愛。 您可以拍照,也可以近距離撫摸它們。 大巴札是另一個流浪動物最喜歡去的地方。 那裡的店主為他們提供食物和水。 您也可以在餐廳門口找到他們等待食物。

雖然人們常說貓有九命,但有些貓科動物的傳說似乎完全與時間無關。 以湯姆比利 (Tombili) 為例,這隻著名的貓在伊斯坦堡獲得了一座雕像,確保了它在這座城市的故事中的持久存在。 托姆比利和伊斯坦堡的許多其他流浪貓一樣,有著特殊的魅力。 這隻貓的坐姿給每個看到它的人帶來了微笑。 托姆比利是深受遊客喜愛的地方,現在因有趣的圖片廣為流傳而在網路上引起轟動。 它迷人的姿勢給全世界的人們帶來了歡樂。

總之,伊斯坦堡作為一個對寵物友善的城市脫穎而出,體現了對許多流浪貓和狗的熱情好客和關懷的獨特融合。 這些動物在城市的標誌性地標和旅遊景點中共存,不僅增加了文化的豐富性,也擄獲了當地人和遊客的心。 從聖索菲亞大教堂和藍色清真寺的著名貓咪,到深受人們喜愛的湯姆比利的溫馨故事,伊斯坦布爾的毛茸茸的居民已經成為這座城市敘事中不可或缺的一部分,創造了持久的記憶,並給遇到它們的人帶來微笑。 對這些動物所表現出的同情反映了更廣泛的善良和溫暖文化,使伊斯坦堡成為全世界動物愛好者真正特殊的目的地。 憑藉伊斯坦堡電子通票,您可以探索伊斯坦堡的細節。

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