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作者: m8xcom    時間: 2019-1-24 04:52 PM     標題: Rainbow Six Siege - How to Play Nomad


We're going to get started on what the hell these operators do for their teams; "What is the point" and "What is their role".

Nomad is an extremely interesting attacker because she takes on a side-line fragger role that only a few operators in the roster currently occupy, and she does it with an aditional tool. She doesn't play exactly like an entry fragger, like a Twitch or Ash or Zofia, but she can play that role along one of the mentioned operators, by performing her entry through a roam route. She's very strong at closing off whole areas and by extension she's one of the hardest operators to roam on and to destroy the defuser against.

You'll learn her faster than the average player if you play Jackal, Dokkaebi, or IQ. These are attackers that utilize special attack routes in order to make good use of their gadgets; and that's exactly how Nomad is played.

Her gadget isn't supposed to be used like a Zofia Lifeline or a Ying Candela, but as a passive, mistake-inducing pressure tool; like a Jackal scan, but instead of intel it provides a direct firefight advantage given you're in a position to capitalize on the detonation.

From the two GIGR operators, Nomad is the higher skill floor and skill cap operator.

Nomad's Loadouts

Nomad has access to two assault rifles, the AK-74M and the ARX200. The difference is easy to remember, the AK-74M is weaker overall but has a 40 round mag, while the ARX200 has more damage, more rate of fire, more controllable recoil, but a 20 round mag.

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