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標題: 二線學校好似HKU, UST 有冇機會有ibank intern? 一定要ivy, oxbridge? [打印本頁]

作者: nigolden    時間: 2019-3-11 09:20 PM     標題: 二線學校好似HKU, UST 有冇機會有ibank intern? 一定要ivy, oxbridge?

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咁或許你唯有再上以下 Masters in Finance 課程

The top-15 Masters in Finance for landing a Hong Kong banking job

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無 做職賭啦
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笑死 波post
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有關係就當然好,但其實好多都真係唔識人,只係就咁申請。反而語言就真係好高要求,幾乎完全native,呢個係呢一代香港學生最大既死穴,除非細細個就讀國際學校。 ...
據我係新加坡做投行個朋友講 香港學生英文已輸比大陸學生 好多大陸學生英文無口音。

但大陸學生好多都唔係讀國際學校 英文點解甘好就真係唔知啦。
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據我係新加坡做投行個朋友講 香港學生英文已輸比大陸學生 好多大陸學生英文無口音。

但大陸學生好多都唔係讀國際學校 英文點解甘好就真係唔知啦。 ...
"好多大陸學生英文無口音", give me a break.
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I can speak from my own experience.

I grew up in HK to a working class family (i.e. mom works in a secondary school and dad in government). I graduated from hku with a humanities degree and with no stellar extracurriculars on my CV (I fooled around in college), but I somehow, by some quirks of fate, managed to get into an ibank in HK. My job experience is that you need to do substantial research into the role you applied to, understand the operations of the department you report to, and what the ibank firm does. Reach out to people who have been there and done what you are about to do. for me, I spoke with my professor, who was an ibanker for many years before doing her PhD and moving to academia.

The Interview process was grueling, and it was meant to be so. I wont divulge too much on this, as my interview was pretty personal and related a lot to my background.

So a yes to your question; one can get into ibank from your tier 2 school list. But whether or not my situation speaks about the experience of most people who applied there from a tier 2 school, I dont know, since I may be an outlier myself. That said, its not wholly impossible.

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