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標題: [出讓] [出售]Seagate 3.5"吋 500GB SATA Desktop Hard Drives 100% Work, no bad sector [打印本頁]

作者: eric702    時間: 2020-1-13 07:27 PM

Seagate ST3500418AS 500GB SATA Desktop Hard Drives 100% Work, no bad sector
These drives provide the following key features:
• 7,200 RPM spindle speed.
• High instantaneous (burst) data-transfer rates (up to 300 Mbytes per second)
• Perpendicular recording, Tunneling Magnetoresistive (TMR) recording heads and EPRML technology, for
increased areal density.
• State-of-the-art cache and on-the-fly error-correction algorithms.
• Native Command Queueing with command ordering to increase performance in demanding applications.
• Full-track multiple-sector transfer capability without local processor intervention.
• Quiet operation.
• Compliant with RoHS requirements in China and Europe.
• SeaTools diagnostic software performs a drive self-test that eliminates unnecessary drive returns.
• Support for S.M.A.R.T. drive monitoring and reporting.
• Supports latching SATA cables and connectors.
• Worldwide Name (WWN) capability uniquely identifies the drive.

Drive Specification* ST3500418AS
Formatted capacity (512 bytes/sector)* 500 Gbytes
Guaranteed sectors 976.773,168
Heads 2
Discs 1
Bytes per sector 512
Default sectors per track 63
Default read/write heads 16
Default cylinders 16,383
Recording density 1413 kbits/in max
Track density 236 ktracks/in avg
Areal density 329 Gbits/in2 avg
Spindle speed 7,200 RPM
Internal data transfer rate 1695 Mbits/sec max
Sustained data transfer rate OD 125 Mbytes/sec max
I/O data-transfer rate 300 Mbytes/sec max
ATA data-transfer modes supported
PIO modes 0–4
Multiword DMA modes 0–2
Ultra DMA modes 0–6
Cache buffer 16 Mbytes
$100 請PM本人出價100% Work, no bad sector

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