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I don't quite understand what you mean. Have you exchanged hong kong dollars for korean won yet? I find the korean culture very different than the chinese culture. We enjoy yum cha whereas they enjoy drinking tea and watching baseball at bars for company rather than at home soaking up the atmosphere. I remember a decade ago there was a protest where the protestors clashed with the police in seoul. I thought the police weren't tough enough. All the riot police were holding a truncheon in one bsnd and a shield in the other hand. In this way you can't really fight the protestors and arrest them since you have no free hands to grab hold of them. That's why it took four policemen to catch hold of one demonstrator. From a fighting standpoint some of the riot police should be holding just a shield, some just a nightstick the other both. And all of them should be trained on how they fight when they're holding just a shield, holding just a baton and holding both. It was utter chaos. I didn't think seoul had ever been so disastrous before. The police who I wholeheartedly supported only used tear smoke in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators. The police shouldn't be afraid of being criticized for using excessive force as it was utterly not the case. Firing rubber bullets and bean bags at the demonstrators was necessary, lawful and appropriate. Those who sabotaged the nearby buildings and the railings should've been thrown in jail. The train network was paralyzed by the strikes for many weeks. The whole world had brought the city to the edge of a catastrophe. The United states had already imposed trade sanctions on korea. The then US president said he would take punitive measures against Korea if the police there used excessive force. Korea was afraid that America would toughen punitive import tariffs still further on alcohol, agricultural products, food and clothes, and worse still they would convince the other nations to impose international economic sanctions against the country. Of course the downside was the costs of the products in America which they'd imposed import duties on would rise still higher. The economic sanctions against Korea wouldn't be lifted until the then US president's term of office ended a year later. On the same day, a bus crash killed twenty passengers. Detectives assigned the blame for the bus accident to a hailstorm- and then a brutal murder topl place in the capital. Detectives assigned hatred as the motive for the horrendous crime. My korean friend Paul and I are both fans of vince Carter. He was certainly an exciting slam dunker. Don't get me wrong-I still enjoy watching him play even though his prime has passed. He proved his worth to Raptors by helping win multiple championships. His worth to the team was incalculable. I must say he's made significant progress with his three point shooting since he joined Nets. Unfortunately his leg injury has progressed fairly rapidly forcing him to be sidelined for six months because of his leg injury. He has a follow-up to his doctor next week. His friend Lebron James will also be out of commission until his back heals. He's made slow but steady progress with his shootings since he injured his back. His doctor said he was making good progress and will check on his progress next month. He assigned the blame for his injury to a lack of training and stretching. Oh well it could be worse. His worth of contribution to lakers is incalculable. Lakwrs is as likely to win the finals next year as warriors in my opinion. The other month Lakers didn't just beat Bulls. They wiped the floor with them. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. Bulls lost their edge to a certain extent after their scoring leader left the team. Recently, Raptors edged out Bulls by three points. The role of every coach in every team is clearly defined. Everybody has a vital role to play in every team. In addition, the government has set up a commission to investigate the use of steroids among players. Another commission has also been created to examine family violence in nba which I wholeheartedly support. My korean friend Charles is a gym membership salesman who will send a follow-up email and make a follow-up call to a customer who's interested in joining the ten year membership. I used to work in a gym and whenever a customer paid a visit to the gym I always followed it up with a call or an email. Some of my colleagues followed it up with a visit to the customer. My friend Tomiko who wants to join her gym had a meeting at her office yesterday and a follow-up has been scheduled for tomorrow. She's also writing a follow-up to the acclaimed "the invisible man" so she's so busy that she won't have time to pay a follow-up visit to the gym. Therefore I handed her the membership agreement for Charles and will follow up with her in the next few days. The membership costs three thousand won a month which is well worth it for the wide range of facilities you can use. They sell a tub of whey protein for a thousand won which is worth it as its normally twice as expensive. The cost of a tub of soy protein has edged down from five hundred won to four hundred and eighty won while the cost of creatine has edged higher by ten won. Last Thursday she complained that she was treated badly at starbucks. As a result a barista provided a referral to a senior staff member who in turn referred her case to the manager. She'll follow the case up with the manager to be sure that it'll be dealt with seriously. In addition she's been suffering from a stroke so I gave her a referral to a cardiologist. Recently she posted on an online forum and suggested building an art gallery to boost tourism which was supported by many people on the forum. They asked the forum administrator for a referral to a district councilor. They'll follow up with the district councilor on the matter being discussed. I'll follow the issue up too.

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When are you setting off for korea? I hear a music hall is being set up at University of Seoul with a grant from the faculty of arts and humanities. The construction of it is progressing well. Though the construction is an arduous and complex undertaking it'll be worth it. The Korean government has awarded my friend Seong-koo a seven hundred fourteen thousand won study grant to study biotechnology at the university. His elder brother has also received a six million one hundred twenty five thousand five hundred grant for research into space elevators there. He's been having a crush on this girl named shirley for six years but she doesn't take him seriously at all and have a boyfriend. His friend said "I don't blame you. She's quite attractive" But he's beginning to realise he has no place in her scheme of things. He's just being a doormat so I told him to forget her. She's just not worth it. His younger brother is applying for a research grant for stem cell research whereas his eldest brother is studying artificial intelligence there. Last Monday after supper he hurried back home. I asked "what's all the hurry for?" It turns out the money for his student grant is about to dry up in which case he won't be able to continue his studies. That's why hes in a desperate hurry to find a job. In addition I lent him a textbook who says he'd let me have this back next week but I said "there isnt any great hurry" His great great grandfather was a trumpeter who started off by performing in salons then progressed to big concert halls. He died in a car crash at the age of ninety. A hailstorm was a contributing factor in the accident. His elder sister started off her career as a junior accountant in a local accounting firm and progressed to an accounting manager in an international firm. I had a nice chat with her last week. We started off discussing her career plans and gradually the conversation progressed to our favourite movies. The movie Project Gutenberg is worth seeing for its three-D effects and the excitement it generates. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The majority of the movie is flashbacks to the incidents before Lee Man is arrested. There's an unexpected twist in the plot towards the end of the movie. The mummy also begins with a flashback to Imhotep's past. His younger sister started off as a security guard but quickly progressed to a manager. I enjoy chatting with her but whenever we chat we never seem to progress beyond her favourite sport baseball. She loves painting but alas she has no talent for it.Her skills never really progressed beyond the stage of painting cartoon characters. She's been wondering about setting up a hotel business. I think it's worth a try because she has a razor-sharp mind. My brother too thinks it's worth giving it a go. She'll try to get official sanctions for building the hotel in a particular area in seoul. I would've imagined the government will sanction her proposals. Seong-koo has opened a sports retailer. He's got four million two hundred nine thousand won's worth of boxing and gym equipment in his store. Over one million six hundred eighty thousand won's worth of boxing rings, fitness machines and jacuzzi tubs have been shipped nationwide in the past ten months so he's doing a fantastic job of it. He has a Chanel watch strap worth seventy thousand eight hundred won. His lamborghini is worth two million five hundred eighty thousand won. He's worth half a million while his girlfriend must be worth over twenty million. He loves gambling. In fact he's on his way to a casino where he'll up the ante on the roulette game this time which he's excited about. He did five hours' worth of work this morning though before heading for the casino. He's a devout churchgoer who says his prayers every night before going to bed. He has recurring flashbacks of a car crash he saw in tokyo after seeing a car accident on the news so yesterday he asked a pastor in his church to pray for him. His church stresses the importance of daily prayer in the life of a Christian. He's bought a house lately. He's done four weeks' worth of furniture shopping for it but it'll need a lot more work before he can move into it. He asked me about selling his original house. I said "your best bet would be to sell it this year." This Friday the property developer will be giving a talk on the facilities they're planning on building for the clubhouse which is worth his attention. It'll soak up eighty percent of their budget. Both of us are kickboxing fans. The promoter announced that a rematch between Shane and Oscar is being arranged. During their first fight Shane started off with a right cross followed by a left uppercut which knocked him out. Apparently shane had a minor injury which took the edge of his performance. Both of them are great kickboxers but I think in a rematch Shane will edge it. Their fight reminds me of Georges edging out Johnny by a few technical points. My friend Jason is a capricorn whereas his girlfriend is an aquarius. He's faithful to her and would never cheat on her. When he broke up with his ex, he was driven over the edge. Even when a stranger talked to him there was a definite edge of hostility to his voice. But as soon as he had a new relationship target it took the edge of his emotional upset. Recently he got into a scuffle with a guy who was hitting on her. The police showed up later and assigned jealousy as the motive for the scuffle. Last monday they dined in a hotel's restaurant which is midway between his house and the supermarket. They stood in line outside the restaurant for almost an hour. The line was so huge that it stretched from the counter through the lobby area and out the main entrance of the hotel. A stout man tried to cut in line but was caught. By the way the bus queue for his residential estate was so big stretching down the road to the furthest mini bus stop. I queued for half an hour until three shuttle buses came along at once. Meanwhile, some people mistook this big queue for the queue for other places. A couple asked "are you in the queue for Cluny Park?" to be sure that it's the right queue. A stout man pushed in at the head of the queue but people ignored it. Later a slim guy jumped the queue. The lady behind him said "excuse me. The end of the line is back there." A woman stood beside a guy who was midway through the queue. While pretending to look at her phone, she edged furtively behind him who didn't realise she was there. Some people might have noticed it but ignored it. When I saw him yesterday he seemed on edge. It turns out he has a job interview tomorrow. Never has he felt so on edge before an interview. He sometimes takes a nap at lunchtime because he has so much work to do that he feels drained. He usually snoozes on the sofa or at his desk by the fireplace when everyone else's eating lunch outside. He once brought his work along to the library where he dozed off at the table. Having a snooze especially by the fire is a marvelous way to recharge your energy though. His sister has just completed her phd at Peking University and is on the way to becoming a professor. China's on the way to becoming the world's strongest economy. Not every man's type of women is the same. Of course everyone likes handsome and beautiful people. In terms of appearance, some men like petite women, some like sporty women, some like them tall and thin, some like them well-rounded and curvaceous, some like them voluptuous, some like shapely legs, some like full bust, some like wide hips, some like silky feet and so on. In terms of character, some men like kind-hearted and helpful women, some like compassionate women, some like them quiet, some like them sociable and talkative, some like them tactful and diplomatic, some like to be controlled and dominated and so forth. Jason is a fan of tracy Zhu and Samantha Gao who are both exquisitely beautiful women. Luke him they both have an exquisite taste in fashion food shoes and interior design. They're both glamorous women who always dress up in glamorous outfits. They rarely dress down. I once saw tracy dress up in a kimono for a party whereas samantha was in eighties clothing. Both of then have a glamorous job and career. Tracy has got a leading role in the upcoming television series while samantha has got a supporting role in it. She plays the role of a doctor in it. By the way I don't think Jason needs to dress up to go to work. A polo shirt and shorts are fine. Just dress down to go to work.

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Anyway enjoy your trip to Korea. Remember to share your photos here. Last week my korean friend Eun-ji asked whether I wanted to join her for supper at her place. I replied in the affirmative. I had some snacks beforehand to take the edge of my hunger. We washed two bags of pasta salad and left the salad to dry out before eating it. In this way the pasta salad contains more nutrients than when you consume it right after opening the bag. We cut the meat into dice and peeled and diced the potatoes. We were careful because the knife has a razor-sharp edge. After supper I said "you wash. I'll dry" I went to the kitchen and stood beside her drying the cutlery and utensils while she washed. Since it's best to dry your clothes out the night before by hanging them on the clothesline I went ahead and helped him do that. We then joined her sister on a run along the promenade which felt relaxing. I bought a pair of trainers for her who said she'd pay me back if I got her those sneakers. Looks like she sold me a bill of goods- and then I bought a guccI watchstrap but I'm wondering if this really is genuine. I might have bought a pup. I gave her a foot massage and dried her feet on her sister's quilt lol and a towel. On the evening of that day, we joined with their mum in doing a twenty five thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. Since both Eun-ji and I are Marvel fans, the next day we went to the cinema🎬and joined the queue for the movie tickets for Avengers. Her friends joined us for the movie in the cinema later. Eun-ji is a marketing manager at hilton. I enjoy her company. She uses photoshop every day for poster and banner designs as photoshop is worth its weight in gold in digital marketing. I admire her ambition and ruthless determination to succeed. She never gets sidetracked by personal issues. In addition she enjoys participating in debates. Recently she wiped the floor with all opposition during a debate about the existence of god. It felt impressive. Her best friend is her husky. She towels off the dog after its bath. Her dad is a physics professor who along with his team are solving a notoriously difficult math question for all they're worth. Hopefully they'll find an answer to it soon. Besides physics he's an avid football fan. His favourite team Barcelona is currently top of the league while Milan is bottom of the league. Madrid is lying second in the league this year. Last month Rome edged Budapest three-two. Rome edged their rival into third place. The league championship is the opportunity for the best teams in the league to strut their stuff. Her younger sister who's a concierge feels she's chosen the wrong career. I said "why not wipe the slate clean and start over in a different career?" Eun-ji too suggested she study a degree course and start afresh. She blames her career decision on Eun-ji. I then said "let's just wipe the slate clean. Its over" She blames her for convincing her to become a concierge. Well that's the way the cookie crumbles. Her auntie is a professional footballer. She's so focused during a match that she never goes off on a sidetrack. Her brother-in-law is an estate agent who earns a basic salary of three hundred sixty seven thousand won per annum plus a thirteen percent commission on the deals he makes so he doesn't work by commission only. He has to report to his manager on progress every month. He's a fan of jacqueline wong. Have you heard of the sex scandal involving her and andy Hui? She was having an affair with him whose married to Sammi. It caused a scandal which ended her career overnight. Theres no doubt that they were an item. As a result mant people think it's time for her to hang up her spurs. In fact her friend alan hung up his spurs several years ago because of a sex scandal. Her elder sister is a travel agent who gets a daily wage of eight hundred and forty won plus a twenty percent commission on every sale she makes so her job isn't on commission only. She said she'd be out on strike but it turned out she was joking as her dad is an intense patriot. If she had gone on strike her dad wouldn't have been happy. Her brother has opened a beauty parlour. Hopefully it attracts lots of customers since he bet the farm on it. His uncle was broke several years ago because he bet the ranch on his company which went bankrupt later. Her cousin is planning on doing a phd since today a master's isn't worth the paper it's written on let alone a bachelor degree. Recently he was nearly swindled out of thousands of baht. I told him that person was a scammer who was trying to swindle money from him. The contract isn't worth the paper its printed on. Fortunately he listened to me. otherwise the scammer would've swindled him out of thousands of baht. I've read in the newspapers that some customers were promised to get their money back if they weren't satisfied with the products. Later they found out they've been sold down the river as they have been unable to contact the scammer to date. Yesterday he dropped a dumbbell and put a dent in my chair. I said I'd wipe his slate clean if he fixed the dent in my chair.  Her grandad was commissioned as a senior officer in the air force while her great grandfather obtained a commission as a sergeant major in the army before the cold war. My korean friend Joe has opened a gym. So far it's been a great success. The outstanding quality gym and shower equipment is a crucial factor in the success of his gym. Of course customer service also plays a pivotal role in the company's success. He asked whether I could find a good manager for him. I said "I can't make any promises but I'll see what I can do." Ken has an interview for a marketing director position in Joe's company. Joe put particular stress on the importance of leadership qualities. He also stressed that clear communication skill is a decisive factor in the outcome of the interview. The interview stresses him out. I said "Don't stress too much over it. Just put your mind at ease. Its going to be ok." My brother too said "Try not to stress too much about it. Rest easy. Set your mind at rest." My girlfriend also said "don't stress yourself out. Set your mind at ease" He quit his previous job as his colleagues always bullied him and the salary was low. I said "i dont blame you for wanting to leave"Last Tuesday we had supper at his place. His younger brother got Japanese homework to do. He said "I've got to do part A but I haven't got to do part B" I said "I'll leave you doing your work" He soaks up new vocabularies and grammar patterns very quickly. In a Japanese class he soaks up everything the teacher says. When "Fukushima" is a Japanese word the stress is on the second third and last syllables. But when it's an english word you should only stress the third syllable. When he reads a novel he's like a sponge and soaks up the story. If he encounters computer problems he'll find jess who's an expert and soak up the advice she offers. His elder brother has a cornet exam next week. He said "after this exam I'll take grade eight a year later or better still I'll directly take the diploma exam" After chatting with him in his room for a while, I said "I'd better leave you to get on with it" My brother said "I had better leave you to practise your exam pieces" My girlfriend too said "I'll leave you to get on with your practice" Some milk spilt down the chair onto the floor so Ken soaked it up with a dishcloth. After supper his elder sister went to meditate in her room so I left her to herself. His younger sister booked a massage session. She asked "had I better leave my wallet on the nightstand?" I said "you had better not leave it on the bedside table as someone might steal it" My brother said "hadn't you better leave it in your locker so that its safe?" She's a swimming champion who easily outshines us in any swimming styles. She's tall and shapely who definitely has the edge over a lot of swimmers. Recently Joe shouted at his sister and called her a liar due to a misunderstanding. I said "I can't believe you would say that to her" my brother too said "I can't believe you said that" He'll be giving a birthday party at his home tomorrow but alas I can't attend as I got work. When he invited me at first I said "we'll have to see" Happy birthday Joe. I'm sure your friends will join me in wishing you a very happy birthday. Last year he got a Steinway for my birthday. I remember I said "I can't believe you got me a steinway"

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